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Essay Internet Piracy

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Have you ever downloaded a song? Have you seen a movie over the network? ¿Print pages from a book? ... With the largest interactivity that the internet allows, the ease in which sites and its contents can be created, and the extent that it is spread all people, we risk not being able to defend what is ours. The owner of the works and the contents of these are under threat.
In the Internet age, piracy has found a new ally, faster, with greater range and distribution, which is easier to access and without the hassle of an underground black market. It's as simple as sitting in front of the screen, comfortable, without the risks of the streets and getting incredible results. Web 2.0 was a change in the way of interaction between users, content publishing, the provision of resources and the creation of social networks. The immateriality of the information circulating on the web and interactivity are two aspects that make it difficult to control intellectual property. Every time we see a movie, whether original or copy (assuming copies are exact reproductions); the first public announcement is the intellectual property rights of the author of the work and the definition of crime under the penal code, activities aimed at recording the content of the DVD. The problems that new technologies have brought in terms of “copyright” is a topic of significant consideration by the authorities in the existing law on Intellectual Property. It is determined that creation of the work is the only requirement to recognize the author of a work, as detailed in section 102 of the October 2011 Copyrights Law of the United States (Hirtle, “Digital Preservation and Copyright”). The impact of new technologies in the area of copyright, are creating an uncerta...

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