Essay on Internet Marketing Plan

Essay on Internet Marketing Plan

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Contents Page 3
Situation 3 4
Strategy 5
Tactics (Marketing Mix for Pure France) 6
Control (Performance measures) 8
Customer reach, loyalty and retention (E-CRM) 8 9
Traffic building: on-site and off-site (SEO, SEM) 10
Summary recommendations 11
Bibliography 12

Pure France is the commercial trading name Atkins and Jones limited, a fully registered company incorporated in Ireland. They offer property management services in France through their website (, but they count with a short budget and few ideas of how expand the business. After running an analysis of their current website we will propose an e-marketing plan for improving their presence on Internet, generate more traffic to their website and convert this traffic into revenues.

Situation analysis:
The model I chose the first for the analysis is the SOST...

... middle of paper ...

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