Internet Marketing Inc. Data And Facts Essay

Internet Marketing Inc. Data And Facts Essay

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Internet Marketing Inc.
Data & Facts
Time In Business: 2007
Dashboard: No
Contract Length: Undisclosed
SEO Services:
• On Page SEO: Yes
• Content Marketing: Yes
• Social Media Management: Yes
• Video SEO: No
• Public Relations: Yes, reputation management and press releases
• Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns: Yes
Glassdoor Company Rating: 3.4
BBB: Accredited, A+,
Internet Marketing Inc. was founded in 2007 and is one of the fastest growing full-service internet marketing agencies in the country. They are currently headquartered in San Diego, California and also have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. Internet Marketing Inc. specializes in helping medium and large businesses around the world with their digital marketing needs.
Internet Marketing Inc. has an impressive list of major brands such as Aria Resort & Casino, MasterCard, AMC Theaters, TimeLife and Belkin, just to name a few. Additionally, they have a nine year track record of success and employ upwards of 100 team members to help you reach your revenue goals.
Internet Marketing Inc. is highly regarded in the industry and they have multiple awards and accolades, such as: making the Inc. 500|5000 three years in a row, San Diego 's Fastest 100 Growing Private Companies, Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes. Additionally, all of their team members are Google Analytic certified, Search Engine Workshop Certified, Yahoo Certified, PMP Certified, UNIX Certified, and many of them have computer engineering degrees and MBA 's. Therefore, you know you will be dealing with a highly educated group of people who can intelligently help you...

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...ur business.
Yes, their website was a bit time-consuming to use and they don 't offer any video marketing services, but those issues are not enough to keep us from giving them a high rating. After all, their website has more information than you could ever possibly need. You just have to click around to find it, which is better than not including the information at all.
We highly recommend Internet Marketing Inc. for medium and large businesses who want to take their digital marketing to the next level or businesses who are unhappy with their current internet marketing agency. However, if you require video marketing services, you might want to look elsewhere. We would also like to mention that it 's important for you to perform your own due diligence before making any final decisions about which internet marketing company is right for you.

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