Essay about Internet Liberty in Mexico

Essay about Internet Liberty in Mexico

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Internet Access and Usage Patterns in Mexico display many similar patterns as the ones in the USA. The Population in Mexico is 92.6 million people (above the age of 6); 22.7 million of theses people are internet users which is about 24.6%. 54% of these people are men and the other 46% were females. 25% of the users are 6-18, 32% of users are 18-24, ages 25 – 34 are 26%, 11% are 35-44, and lastly 45-99 makes up 6%. Recent surveys show the 46% are students, 32% are Employees, 15% at self employed, 4% make up the house wives, unemployed is 2%, and lastly retired/pensioned is at 1%.Me can make the conclusion that out if all the categories students use the internet the most. When asked for a survey if the had a webpage most people of Mexico responded with yes, about 57%. Mexico follows the same patterns of the social media network as the US. Meaning if Facebook or Twitter is a trend in the US then Mexico is also hash tagging and uploading albums on the same social media. 85% of Internet users said that the search engine that they use most is Google. Also, 92 % of users consider the Internet vital, which is more than the declared impotence of Television and Radio combined .From the information given we can say that the average Internet user in Mexico is a student or. “This is a good sign that younger generations are being exposed to the Internet and that future generations will grow up with Internet access, but it is a problem that so many older people (many of which could probably afford internet) don’t access the internet.”-University of Sanford.
True privacy does not exist when searching on the internet. Just as in the US in Mexico If you appear to be a threat to the people in the countries and hold the title of tersest then your...

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...fact they probably wouldn’t have even offered it after know what would be done to it … at this point we really need to reflect and think does the government really have to much control in Mexico, the USA, China. I think this should really send a wake up call to everyone. Does the Government have too much control? Is this even necessary? Is there a greater plan the just the internet? And lastly… Is our future as well as Mexico’s heading towards modern-day China? Ask yourself.
Mexico is a country under the same political control as the US. They are more limited then the US but not as limited as China. Over 60% of these people own a computer and majority of those are students and working (wo)men. They use the internet for games and social media just like you and me. These People deserve internet freedome and from the recent looks of it … they won’t be getting it.

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