Internet Is The Internet And Advantage Or A Downfall? Essay example

Internet Is The Internet And Advantage Or A Downfall? Essay example

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Is the internet and advantage or a downfall? Nowadays everyone 's lives, feeds, and relies off the internet. Not only that but it is also easier than ever to access. People believe that the internet came to in the early 90’s with the introduction of the “world wide web” even though it 's been around for many years it started off as a means to communicate between universities and military facilities. Some people may become the victim of the internet, and for some it can be very beneficial. People may look to the internet for answers, information , entertainment, communication , educational and even business needs. The internet is filled with about anything even the benefit of shopping at home no matter you need, the internet is always there. Greater access to the internet can be a good thing.

The internet has a wide range of uses one of them being Communication. The internet has made communication cheap and convenient .Communication is a big thing in everyone 's life and most people do this via their phones, tablets or laptops along with the use of social media sites such as Email, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Whether it be meeting new people or getting in touch with long distanced loved ones .You can just pull up skype for example or any other communication app and be video chatting with someone from across the globe. There are also such things as dating sites that pull up people near you with the same interests .The way the internet lets people connect creating new communications from all parts of the world helping fill the gap of cultural differences.

Any Information you 'd ever need, can be found on the internet. With plenty of search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo that gives people access to information. This i...

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...bills , transfer money, buying or selling things and even applying for jobs. The growth of e-commerce has made it possible for people to shop for most things online. Some people even work off the internet by seeking consumer good, creating games , or making designs . Many people have found jobs as bloggers or as vloggers (video blogging) to post things online for example YouTube , people get paid to create content that entertain audiences.
To conclude , the Internet is a very beneficial place that can seem intimidating because of its vast amount of uses and information. The internet is used worldwide and commonly relied on, it 's uses can be from communicating across the globe, researching information, for entertainment purposes to access all types of media, it makes everything more convenient and faster,creates more educational opportunities and new jobs for people.

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