The Internet Is A World Wide Broadcasting Medium Essay

The Internet Is A World Wide Broadcasting Medium Essay

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The Internet is a world-wide broadcasting medium that is used for the collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers regardless of their location. The foundation of the Internet was fostered by three individuals and a research conference, which changed the way technology was viewed by accurately predicting the future. Vannevar Bush wrote the first visionary description of potential uses for information technology with his description of the automated library system.
Norbert Wiener invented the field of Cybernetics. He Inspired future researchers to focus on the use of technology to extend human capabilities. In 1956, the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence conference solidified the concept that technology was improving at a rapid rate, and provided consideration of the consequences. Marshall McLuhan made the idea of a global village interconnected by an electronic nervous system part of our popular culture (Stewart, 2000).
The Internet itself got started in the early 1960s. J.C.R. Licklider had the brilliant idea to link computers across the world, where anybody near a computer could share information. This idea landed Licklider a position as a director of a government agency that is responsible for creating a time-sharing network of computers known as ARPANET, which is also the precursor to today’s Internet. In 1983, Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf developed the TCP/IP protocols that would allow the networks to communicate with each other (Palermo, Cox,2014).
According to Deans (2012), there are faster broadband speeds. The average fixed broadband was expected to increase from 9 megabits per second in 2011 to 34 Mbps by 2016. An increasing number of devices such as tablets, mobile phones have contributed to the grow...

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...blr is such a user-friendly site, anyone who wants a tumblr, can have a tumblr. Tumblr can be thought of as an online diary so many people chose to use it to post items that interest them. There are blogs that are dedicated to almost any topic that you can think of. Now matter what your interest may be, there is a tumblr blog for it. Tumblr is especially useful for small business owners who want to be on the internet but may not know how to create a traditional web page. Also, many larger companies such as Ann Taylor and Sephora use tumblr to promote their products to a wider audience base. In ten or even twenty years I am not quite sure where the web will be. I believe the World Wide Web will grow in dimensions, and provide more information rather than just information and communication. Each and every object in the world will be up with digital possibility.

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