Essay on The Internet Is A Place Where Wonderful Things Happen?

Essay on The Internet Is A Place Where Wonderful Things Happen?

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The internet is a place where wonderful things happen. One could meet the person they are supposed to be with there and one could start a family there. The internet is also a place where the dreg of humanity goes to explore either their unnatural fetishes or to express themselves in horrible ways that not only make people feel uncomfortable but in most cases , is a warning sign of things to come. People hide out in a place like 4-chan or Reddit, though not all bad, to exchange information and ideas . They somehow find access to places like the Deep Web , where not even the bravest of good souls would want to go for fear that they might see something that could never be unseen . However , even with all of the bad , people still view the internet as a relatively safe place , but the question of access comes up in many conversations. Do people have the right to access the internet?
"U N Report Declares Internet Access a Human Right, " says the Wire in 2011. Though the headlines were eye-catching , what was in it was more." A United Nations report said Friday that disconnecting people from the internet is a human rights violation and against international law." . If one was going to use this argument , then it would be violating the right to access information , at least in the United States . If one were living in a communist country , like communist China or the Soviet Union, then one would have to go through the government to get the information needed, and once accessed, the information is always twisted and censored to fit the needs of the people in power . To add to the " ever-building " reasons that access to the internet is a human right, one could look at
Though it didn 't give much evidence as to why i...

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...ey thought were important information. I have even started a YouTube channel, to which I have 17 subscribers. I use the internet to work on my classes at school, but I also use the internet to work on my job. I am writing a book and I do use the internet to ensure that I am giving the right information with my book or to look up new ideas for the next chapter of my book. For my YouTube channel, I use the internet to find interesting and insanely stupid ideas to talk about.
I used the internet for my hobby and my job, but I don 't need. I could handwrite a book manuscript to have my book published and I don 't need to make a YouTube channel, because, I believe that the internet is not necessary for my survival as a human being. There are many things that I could do that doesn 't require the web, and though it is not as vast as the ones that do, I will manage to live .

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