The Internet Is A New Way Of Society Essay

The Internet Is A New Way Of Society Essay

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The internet is a new way people can interact with one another or keep track on what is going on around the world. It is changing how people live their daily lives and is shaping a new way of society. New technology comes out every day to help people and make their lives easier. From finding a perfect couple to talking to old friends that live far away, the internet has brought society closer than It ever has been before. This is changing the outcome on how people track one another or knowing what’s going on around the world or even just around your neighborhood. The internet is making it easier to know what people are up to. These new ways of keeping in touch help society come close in times of stress or teaches people new ideas that they could use in their everyday lifestyle
Throughout the year the use of internet has risen dramatically. In an article by Alexis Madrigal “Take the Data out of Dating” she talks about the process in which dating sites used to pair someone with someone else who is relatively similar to them. Her essay states “74 percent of singles looking for a mate now turn to dating sites like eHarmony,, and Okcupid” (Madrigal pg. 165). She claims that in this new age of time many people are looking for networking to find their significant other. Face to face interaction is slowly going away in this era and bumping into someone or meeting someone through a friend is not as common. The co-founder of OkCupid in which The Boston Globe claims to be the Google of online dating states that “You’d have all these data that reveals things about society and predict them. This isn’t a survey. It’s a lab experiment” (Madrigal pg. 165). With technology now playing a role in dating, it 's creating new ways for people...

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With society evolving, people are creating new ways to connect to one another. Ways that make it easier for someone who lives in California to talk to someone who lives in New York. These new ways are creating friendships to last and making people feel closer to someone even when they 're not actually there. Social media allows people to express their feelings to everybody on any topic. This gives them more freedom that they’ve never had. Overall social media is creating a new society that makes the internet so important in people’s everyday life. No matter where you live or where you are from social media is everywhere, and it 's finding new ways into people lives. The internet and social media are teaching us the freedom that we are capable of having. It is showing people around the world what to stand for and what they need to do to get the freedom they deserve.

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