The Internet Is A Hub For Information Essay example

The Internet Is A Hub For Information Essay example

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What is happening to our brain? It feels like it is on an infinite roller coaster. Constantly going up and down with all sorts of twists and turns; all the while, triggering waves of stimulation. Most of us, from the very young to the more mature, have been exposed to the alluring ways of the internet. Once engaged, we become consumed by it. It bombards us with information from all angles and, on the surface, makes us feel really smart; but at what cost and how much of the information is actually retained? The internet is undeniably a hub for information, but our fundamental way of thinking is changing through noticeable signs of diminished concentration, reduced thought process, lack of desire to retain information, social interaction reduction and notable addictive qualities.
Advances in technology and the internet have been positive, but it does not suggest that it is making us smarter. It is true that the internet is a tool with an overwhelming abundance of information. Information is available to us at our fingertips and at a moment’s notice. These technological advances have benefited us, but it is not making us smarter, just more efficient. For instance, we have access to all sorts of tools like online dictionary and thesaurus, mathematical processors that spit out answers for complicated algebraic equations. Other technological advances like smart phones and tablets have delivered a number of software applications, referred to “Apps” that have enabled us to be more effective. All these tools help us tackle issues more efficiently. This efficiency helps us become more productive in our day to day, but it does not mean that we are adding to our knowledge base. In fact, it seems we only store references to whe...

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...ith customers via chats. The internet is an amazing technology and we are definitely living in a new age.
While we see the tremendous benefits that the internet provides, we continually need to be mindful of the shortcomings. We need to work towards balance in the midst of change and build awareness to protect our mind. We do not want to be caught off guard in the event the internet is ever compromised. In such occurrence, without acquired knowledge, we could find ourselves in a tough spot. We need to engage in more focused activities that stimulate the mind in healthier ways. Engage in tasks that will help build our intellect. Disconnect from the internet from time to time and engage in human interaction. We need to learn to use our brain to its full potential and remember to use the internet in moderation in order to avoid our brain from becoming sluggish.

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