The Internet Is A Dangerous Place Essay

The Internet Is A Dangerous Place Essay

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Today’s media outlet has become a source for a plethora of information for people of any age and background to search through and inform themselves. However, this information is not entirely meant for the pure of heart. The internet is a dangerous place, if one is unfamiliar with how to navigate it properly. The Deep Web, Hidden Web, or The Invisible Web, as most internet dwellers call it, is a term for the submerged parts of the World Wide Web whose content is not indexed by standard search engines for various reasons. With the right tools, these parts of the web are reachable and the horrors that await can mentally scar those who are not prepared for its mysteries. Tor is a tool used for accessing the deep Web. Tor is government made browser capable of enabling one to surf the web with anonymity and to give nondisclosed access to websites that the government would be incapable of tracking or monitoring being that they created it themselves to do such. A VPN, such as PrivateInternetAccess, is a tool used for hiding one’s IP address which can be used to find one’s address. Children in today’s society can be exposed to so much more than what was previously available thanks to such tools. Parents need to learn how to supervise what their children are watching on the internet, or else it could harm their child’s development and well-being.
If parents desire to protect their children from the traumatic experiences that could assault their offspring’s mind, then they should know what they are going up against. According to the study of Iffat and Sami (2010), The Deep Web is approximately 7,500 terabytes (7,500,000 gigabytes) of information that is publically accessible. Nearly 550 billion individual documents are present in the deep ...

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...There is also the danger of sexual predators who will seek out and inflict their own personal and malicious fantasies onto other people’s children by turning those children into sex slaves. There is the danger of them getting caught up in dangerous drugs or terrorist organizations. These are all worst case scenarios, but that does not mean that they are not possible. The danger is completely real which is why parents need to be so vigilant. As a society, we need to make sure our younglings are not skewed off into the wrong lanes in life. We should not be necessarily sheltering our children from information. They have a right to knowledge, but some knowledge is not meant to help get a progressive future if one so desires. Parents need to be more protective and cautious of their children when they allow them access to the internet. One mistake can end a child’s future.

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