Internet Integration Into the Classroom Essay

Internet Integration Into the Classroom Essay

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Internet Integration Into the Classroom
Internet integration into the classroom is a great way to foster learning while delivering relevant and interesting lessons. There are numerous ways of incorporating Internet use into a classroom; however, this integration should be thoroughly scrutinized. No tool should be integrated into a classroom without first ensuring that it will be an effective and safe means of instructional delivery. This essay will introduce three such internet-based activities, along with the type of learning each activity fosters. Finally, using background research each activity will be analyzed as to whether the learning is meaningful.
The foremost internet-based activity for classroom use that fosters student learning is research exercises. Internet research has many benefits and a few drawbacks. A wealth of information can be accessed instantly from a computer with Internet access. Research can be accomplished from many locations, such as one's home or classroom. With the enormous volume of literature online, hours and hours spent in a library are no longer needed. The Internet makes it possible to have easy access to many university libraries. If the book or journal is not published online, a summary or abstract is often available to help one determine whether or not it is worth checking out from the library. Many research articles include contact information such as email or mailing addresses. The Internet has made the research process less time consuming a...

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