Essay on The Internet From A Social and Communications Perspective

Essay on The Internet From A Social and Communications Perspective

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1. Introduction
2. Statement of controlling purpose
3. Problem identification
4. History
5. Primary research
 Surveys
 Analysis
6. Secondary research
6.1 Structure of the internet
6.2 World dependency
 Organizations and corporations/ Commercial Internet
 Education
 Mass Share of the information
 Politics
 Safety (cybercrime, the web economy)
6.3 Impact on personality
 Specifics
 Identity, Anonymity and Role Modeling
 Internet addiction
 Personality conflicts (and reality vs. virtuality)
 Degradation of personality, mental problems)
 Multitasking
6.4 Social characteristics
 Variety of communication
 Social networks
 Internet culture, language and slang
 Impact on other ways of communication (abandoning other types of mass media)
 Safety
 Digital Nation
7. Analysis/ Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. Works Cited

1. Introduction
Internet communications have a great impact onto our daily lives; it came to control and alter people’s lifestyle. And, having gained such an important place in our lives, it didn’t simply influence our lifestyle, but also our social relations and personal characteristics. The effects of such an extended influence are both positive and negative. Discussing the rapidly changing world of the Internet, constantly developing technologies and the place they hold in the lives of people will help to evaluate internet-connected problems of the modern society and suggest the solutions.
The estimated percentage of the internet users in world’s population is almost 24 %. D...

... middle of paper ...

...nderstand the functioning of monopolies like Google Inc.

6.2 World Dependency on the Internet
Internet became the medium for global interactions – fast, effective, accessible. It wiped away the geographical boundaries, and allowed massive share of all kinds of data. It is also one of the factors contributing to increasing globalization rates.
As the Internet increasingly allows people to perform everyday activities and engagements online, more spheres of our lives enter the cyberspace – education, economy, politics, and other. We search for all kinds of information online, we shop online, we study online, and we express ourselves online. It is both time-saving and eco-friendly – for example, instead of driving to the mall, we simply order the needed production online and get it delivered. However, we don’t always use the newfound free time wisely.

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