Internet Censorship and Surveillance Essay

Internet Censorship and Surveillance Essay

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Internet censorship and surveillance are growing globally and it affects us regardless of the fact that as United States citizens we have more internet freedom than a lot of countries, but when these countries portray us as something we are not through censorship it contributes to a lack of understanding between countries and with misunderstanding comes hate. Whether you believe it or not there are many citizens of nations around the world that hate us simply because they do not understand us. The internet is an excellent tool to increase understanding around the world. As Americans we have been taught to be respectful with our postings online. Do all Americans follow suit in their activity online? Of course not, there is evil lurking on the internet and some of this comes directly from the citizens of the United States. According to the 39th Edition of Social Problems there are over 1000 practicing hate groups in the United States alone (Finsterbusch 183). Many of these groups have websites they use to spread their hate and those that believe in government controlled censorship and surveillance use these hate mongers as one example for why it is needed. These groups do not represent the average United States citizen; hate definitely does not represent my views. Even so, as long as these hate groups do not break the laws of the United States; our government will not take these websites down. Some felt a need to change this so there has been new legislation voted on by the House of Representatives known as CISPA. CISPA stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Don’t be fooled by the wording of this proposed legislation. It does not protect the average citizen of the United States, it does the exact opposite an...

... middle of paper ... time; contact Senator Bill Nelson today and stand up against CISPA.

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