The Internet, By The Pew Research Foundation Essay

The Internet, By The Pew Research Foundation Essay

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From the article, “The Internet” by the Pew Research Foundation, David Clark, a senior research scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence stated, “Devices will more and more have their own patterns of communication, their own ‘social networks’, which they use to share and aggregate information, and undertake automatic control and activation. More and more, humans will be in a world in which decisions are being made by an active set of cooperating devices.” Personally, I can see this already becoming a key part in technology, as more devices are developed, their awareness to their surroundings become more apparent. And, as he puts “social networks” is what the Internet allows us to do on a daily basis to communicate and share information between each other.
It’s something we have become accustomed to as far as the 21st century since technology has exploded and the need for the Internet has heightened to unprecedented levels than before. Not only that, but with current state of the Internet we can program and compute further than we’ve been able to in the past. Sharing our ideas and forming groups to collaborate on projects that far supersedes anything done prior to the existence of the Internet. I wouldn’t say we are reaching a point where the Internet and current technology will control our daily lives but we’re definitely becoming more dependent on its existence than anything else. There’s no doubt that the Internet will remain in our society until something else come along that surpasses it. It’s hard for generations to imagine a life without the Internet since our lives revolve around it.
Clark goes on to say that “The Internet (and computer mediated communication in general) will become more pervasive...

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Also, the Internet brings a multitude of opportunities for people ranging from hobbies to employment. Over the past few years, YouTube has been paying content creators from ad revenue and views on their videos. Which over time, can add up to a hefty amount of cash and could end being a living for some. Hobbies like computer programming has been prevalent since the Internet because people can learn new languages through watching tutorials and more. The Internet allows for more than just entertainment but rather has become a livelihood. As Joe said “We won’t think about ‘going online’ or ‘looking on the Internet’ for something we’ll just be online, and just look.” This remains true because for the most part we’re always connected to Internet and it’s become a basis for how we live every day.

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