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Internet Business And Marketing Essay

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Internet Business and Marketing
A Look at Today's Growing Internet Business
In what way does the Internet effect marketing in business? Today's industry must be profitable and continually seek to improve the profit margin set forth by the shareholders. In order to be on top of the ladder and rise above the ever-growing list of competitors, companies must stay in line with technological advances. The means of marketing a company's services has changed at a near daily pace over the last several years. In present time, a company's success would be elevated by the use of Internet services.
Marketing on the Internet requires an explicit knowledge of not only the user's needs, (Stibel, 2005) but also the information to meet the needs.
In an Internet article (Gromov, 2001) concerning Internet pre-history, it is reported that the real beginnings of computers as we know them today, lay with an English mathematics professor, Charles Babbage (1791-1871). Since the invention of his "Difference Engine", which was as large as a locomotive, and later restructured and called the "Analytical Engine", today's computers and applications, including the Internet have advanced at a perpetual speed. This advancement in technology has created a competitive world of cyber marketing and businesses must keep up with the competition to assure a prosperous future for their company.
According to a study of Internet usage (Poon, 1997) from the Swineburne University of Technology, the number one Internet usage driver is direct and indirect advertising. In the past ten to fifteen years, the commercial use of the Internet has risen from a researcher's tool to an everyday business necessity (Forman, Goldfarb & Greenstein, 2003) and will continue to grow for...

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