Internet as a form of Commerce Essay

Internet as a form of Commerce Essay

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Commerce has been seen as one of the concepts that have had the greatest rate of evolutions in its attempt to be at par with the global dynamics. The pragmatic shifts and changes that the universe have had to experience in a variety of disciplines like business has led to such evolutions so that it is not seen to have lagged behind. One of the shifts that commerce has had to take is the adaptation as well as manifestation of e-commerce. E-commerce has however not been self-initiated but rather has been greatly influenced by the evolution of the information technology sector (Kracher, Beverly, & Cynthia, 2004). Information technology has been arguably one of the fastest changing disciplines in the world. In particular, the invention of the internet and its development is what has promoted the rise and development of e-commerce to what it has come to be known today as one of the fastest wealth generators the world over (Fisher III, 2000).
Prior to the inception of the concept of e-commerce, Hinde (1998) notes that business was carried out by using tools like telephones, faxes, and telex machines amongst others. These were however limited in the amount of information they transferred and the duration taken to transmit such information. Such limitations were however only to last till this invention, which has over time proved to have not only the capacity but also been used to transfer vast amount of information fast and efficiently as well explained by Hinde (1998). This has been coupled by its ability to integrate digitalized transfers as well as high quality copies of documents in the same light (Soopramanien, & Read, 2003).
The concept of internet and e-commerce has however been relatively new. This has led to there not being an...

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