Essay on Internet And Society By Norman H. Nie And Lutz Erbring

Essay on Internet And Society By Norman H. Nie And Lutz Erbring

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Internet: Welcome to the Web
Decades ago, a person must spend an extensive amount of time to compose as well as to receive a letter. However, with the revolution of the Internet nowadays, that situation is no longer a problem. Without a doubt, the Internet is one of the most extraordinary tools with limitless types of services. Additionally, the development of information technology also leads to countless innovations that have a massive impact on the society today. On the other hand, there is a correlation between the amount of time an average person spend on the Internet and their relationships with family and friends. The report Internet and Society written by Norman H. Nie and Lutz Erbring showed how Internet is constantly altering daily life and included key findings such as how human spend less time with other human beings because of their usage of the Internet. It is also a useful and credible resource to demonstrate how technology can influence the society. Nie and Erbring finalized their study in February of 2000. Even though fifteen years have passed, the evidences from the research remain relevant to this day. It is all thanks to the authors’ experience in the field.
To begin with, author Norman Hugh Nie was a political scientist at Stanford University, one of the most reputable private universities in California. In his early years as a graduate student at Stanford, together with two other students, Dale Bent and C. Hadlai “Tex” Hull they invented the first Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS); it is a software that allows researchers to effortlessly analyze and manipulate data (Urton). Besides Stanford University, Nie also taught at the University of Chicago for thirty years and also worked as the chair...

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...ences and data from different studies. They could further sharpen their claim by adding information from previous studies that could support this study. Another weakness of this research is the authors mentioned briefly that Internet may cause psychological problems but did not go further with this aspect.
Although the study contains many strong arguments, there were some aspects that the authors failed to address. For instance, they did not include any counter arguments against the claim. Most parts of the article are information, charts and graphs gathered from the survey without any outside sources. Further, instead of asking the people to report how many hours they spent on different activities on the Internet and how often they connect with their social environment, the study asked them if using the Internet had made them to be less involved with their family.

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