Essay about The Internet And Social Media

Essay about The Internet And Social Media

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The internet plays a big role in today’s society, from socials media, to online gaming, to advertising and to informing. You name it the internet has it all, and through the internet comes social media, such as Facebook, twitter and instagram a few of the main social media sites out there. People across the world use social media to communicate with each other but over the course of the year’s social media and the internet have played a big role when it comes to presidential campaigning. The reason as to why it has become so important is because it reaches thousands of people across the United States, presidential candidates reach out to people with just a press of a button releasing their thoughts or suggestions through the many social media cites. These candidates see the internet and social media as a tool to reach thousands of Americans across the United States. With the use of internet they either gain or lose followers and that is vital when they are running for such an important position in the white house..
Internet has played a big role when it comes to fundraising as well. Through the use of social media such as twitter and instagram candidates are able to reach thousands of people across the country when it comes time to fundraising. On average these politicians have millions of followers; the less popular ones in the thousand regions but regardless of how popular or unpopular they are their message is spread across the nation in a matter of seconds. The internet if you really think about it is replacing ad campaigns, banners, and billboards. It is important that politicians are aware of how much people actually value the internet. It is to the best of their interest to be aware of how to properly use the internet and s...

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...e of the internet can either help you or destroy but that is up to the candidate and the way he or she decides to promote their political party.
You are soon going to encounter countless amounts of internet pages dedicated to the candidates running for president this upcoming year and you can be sure that this will continue to happen in future elections not only because campaigning on the internet has become very popular but because the candidates are soon going to be savvy internet users who on their own will be able to set up online campaigns. As time progresses so does the internet and through the years you will be able to see all the advancements that the internet will have when it comes time for presidential elections. The internet is a very powerful tool if you know how to use it to your advantage but it can also be a time ticking bomb if you take a wrong step.

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