The Internet and Schools: Does the Internet Help or Hurt Students? Essay examples

The Internet and Schools: Does the Internet Help or Hurt Students? Essay examples

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The controversy existing over the education budget cuts were enough to get the parents' attention, but unfortunately not those in control of government spending. The rumors threaten cuts from services such as library access, art education, field trips, and new technology. Of the many crucial decisions those in charge have made, this will undoubtedly be the eye opener. On the other hand, the elimination of one of several efficient resources is imminent. Although all choices are valuable, it is with due consideration to the young minds being affected that technology be the resource to cast out from the budget. The use and privilege of the internet is quickly becoming an unnecessary product of faulty prioritizing and should therefore be expelled considering students have become reliant on the immediacy of gaming and social networking, the value in books and reason have been lost in the transition to a fast-paced society due to technology, and it is a highly expensive and superfluous variable in the Board of Education's budget.
Albeit most take casual conversations via the internet for granted, it is gradually developing an educational roadblock. Not only the social dimension but also the rapidly growing gaming industry have grown to be a constant factor in the average teen's life. Kids of all ages tire of books and leisure, restlessly turning to what is most easily and instantly accessible. Because of this world of infinite information and opinion, the viewer has the ultimate power to censor any and all information, absorbing every word as though they were made of sponge, very rarely requiring any evidence. Being young goes hand and hand with being vulnerable and can lead children to strand themselves on an island of disbelief an...

... middle of paper ... for textbooks and library-bound novels. It is a radical modification that most will be hesitant to accept, but has the potential to bring kids down to a speed less equivalent to that of the speed of light. Teachers would be free to teach basic concepts without possible distractions due to technological temptations. Students could surrender their childish grip on the blanket protecting them from direct acknowledgment of self-control and responsibility, drastically altering their ability to focus and exceed the world's previous expectations of this generation. An education without access to the internet is a foreign and frighteningly unfamiliar concept, but it is the small price willing pupils will pay to slowly deteriorate the addiction to immediacy that can only compare to what acclaimed novelist Ray Bradbury saw as the gradual slip of society's hold on knowledge.

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