The Internet And Its Effect On The Future Of Business Essay

The Internet And Its Effect On The Future Of Business Essay

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n the past 15 years, the internet access has transformed the American life. However, internet one can stay updated, and can use 100 of apps, which are a source of entertainment and information.
• The Internet shares the information, and it has transformed many aspects of human life.
• Internet had opened new sources of communication; one can learn wise quotes, teaching, cooking, play games; the internet also helps students in the process of gaining an education.
• However, generation can watch porn, vulgar videos; viruses can corrupt the entire system and cyber bulling trap are the reason of major distraction (future-internet, 2009).
• The Internet has flexibility, and everyone can assess the internet easily, use of Internet has grown and grown every day, scientists are worries about future of the internet.
• It is predicted that the future of the internet, will be very different from the internet of present or past. There will be more advancement and forces will affect the future of business.
• For the new internet, there are researches take place, which is major challenges, the computer scientist are more focused on the security related issues because in the present using the internet on computers, mobiles, and other devices are not secures (business insider, 2015).
• Mobility, reliability, addressing and identity are also focused.
• In the USA the government funding is provided for the future project and internet design; there are working on projects like Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) and Future Internet Designs (FIND).

• New IP interconnection commerce models are being developed, for the progress of the technology, re-shaping of the IP connection for the future internet is taking place (Little, 2014...

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...inated. The government should bind the internet providers to provide filters for the internet subscribers to protect the people from misuse of the internet. The initiatives ate governmental; level is quite important.
• Great responsibility also lies on the shoulder of the people to avoid misuse of the internet. The internet and communication technologies are an important step to make sure that the positive use of internet is being promoted. Without the individual responsibility, government alone cannot bring any significant change in the situation. Therefore, it can be concluded that without the personal responsibility of the individuals, it is very difficult to bring stable change in the realm of positive use of internet in future. Role of parents is also very important in this regard. The parents must bind their children to avoid negative use of the internet.

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