The Internet and All of Its Freedom Essay

The Internet and All of Its Freedom Essay

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The internet is a vast and diverse library of information that reaches all edges of the world. It is the greatest wealth of information we have ever had at our disposal. The internet is involved in most of our daily interactions. Daily interactions such as newspapers, television, movies, phone calls, computer data, banking, shopping, are all going digital. There is so much information available that we have an infinite library at our disposal at all times. We are in a digital age and the possibilities are endless. A long time ago there was much more freedom of exploration, people could go where they wanted to go to figure out what they wanted to figure out. Today society puts a big strain to avoid things they do not consider "okay" which leads to an isolated mind. The internet and all of its freedom lets us escape that reality and bring us to a time where we can free our mind and do what we are meant to do.
All written documents uploaded to the digital world, creates the largest, most accessible archive of information the world has ever experienced. As simple as loading up a web page or a simple click would give you the unending ability to learn, anything you desired. The internet's advancement can be compared to the advancement of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy and the knowledge that the internet can provide are both very powerful and both can have positive and negative effects depending on who is using them. Nuclear energy has the capabilities to power cities, but also destroy them.
Knowledge is used to find the truth in facts of life. Knowledge for this reason is essential to our lives. Isolation and the absence of knowledge can lead to manipulation. The internet is a precious advancement that allows information to be easil...

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...Google from removing the foreign infringing sites. PIPA also forces greater court action when going after an accused website. Other than these slim nuisances the two bills are one in the same. These bills from 2011 a very recent example of an attempt at censorship and an attempt and limiting our knowledge.
Manipulation will become an even more widespread occurrence and will be made easier than ever with the introduction of internet Censorship. The censorship of the internet is essentially the altering of the vastness and diversity of the internet. With this our information is limited and our knowledge is lost along with our truths. Our natural right to truths will become a predetermined artificial "truth" that is formulated by those who control our country. Our knowledge will no longer be our own and we will think as though those in charge would like us to think.

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