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Internet Addiction

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While an Internet is an important discovery that has excellent functions and has lots of benefits to humans’ daily lives, its excess use also has many dysfunctions. Internet has tremendous amounts of functions. We use Internet for different purposes; such as for school works, for shopping, bill payments, online banking and for social networking, such as (Facebook, twitter, yahoo mail, hot mail, g mail and my space) and even for dating. It also enables people to watch videos on YouTube, play video games, read books and journals and other material resources. However when people spent an unlimited number of times on a computer for non-profit activities like, gaming and Facebooking whole the day results in time wastage and if repeatedly used can cause Internet addiction.
Lam argued Internet addiction as an uncontrollable and detrimental use of the use of Internet and is documented as a ‘compulsive-impulsive Internet usage disorder’ (Lam 2). , Kimberly Young, of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery in Bradford, Pennsylvania said “At the same time the Internet has had negative ramifications. Some people are becoming preoccupied with the Internet, are unable to control their use, and are jeopardizing employment and relationships. The concept of ‘Internet addiction’ has been proposed as an explanation for uncontrollable, damaging use of this technology” (Young 2). But some opinions are opposing this argument and expressing that Internet use as not addiction. Kim said “there are various opinions on Internet addiction. A common saying is that if someone is addicted to anything and it is knowledge, this case is not addiction” (Kim 1). However, I would argue that if we extremely use anything even if it is knowledge it is addiction. The more heavily we use the internet the more negative consequences we have, such as, disproportionate time wastage, diminutive school performance and also the possibility of developing mood disorders.
Several situations can cause Internet addictions including, family, friends with whom we spend most time, peers and some other neighbors have the paramount significance. Hyung situated multiple causes of Internet addiction and he said, “the causes of Internet addiction are not only associated with habitual backgrounds of using the Internet, but also demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds” (Hyung 10). The availability

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of computers and Internet access, and some work conditions such as work schedules that need more sitting and office works in which most times are spent on computers have also high probability to entice people and that impose them to Internet addiction. Some other job related conditions for instance, in some work areas employees spend the entire work time by working on the computers, some colleges and universities have 24 hr. open services so that students spend time on this unlimited access to any websites and that also lead to addiction, to day most people have smart phones including me which give us unlimited access to the web and is increasing the chance to addiction. Lam said “The direct cause of Internet addiction is unknown, but the prevalence is high in young adults with introverted personality…Being a male, drinking, dissatisfaction with a family, and experience of a recent stressful event were potential risk factors of Internet addiction” (Lam2- 3). Environmental factors such as lack of activities outside home lack of friends/neighborhood to walk with and shortage of recreational areas can also cause the chance to develop Internet addiction.
Once happened the treatments of Internet addictions are not specifically based on pharmaceutical therapies and are easily preventable manners. Sally suggesting internet based counseling as effective therapies and he said “traditional therapies for addictions were underutilized and characterized by high attrition rates suggesting they may not meet the needs of a proportion of individuals with addiction-related problems including problem drinking, smoking, substance use and problem gambling, but Internet-based therapies for addictions are effective in achieving positive behavioral changes and this may require more research to determine the comparative effectiveness of various Internet-based therapies and their components” (Sally 1) . Exposure therapy is also recommended. Young said “Part of therapy needs to help adolescents communicate with others offline…This helps an adolescent practice using eye contact when speaking to other people and develops listening skills, things they can’t do online” (Young 10). As of Young internet is more reparable way of communication and there is limited access to personal communication in addicted people, so as people are exposed to new faces they can experience more face to face communications and that could minimize their use of internet (Young 10-13). Limiting the amounts of times spent on the internet by increasing duties that are not associated with computer or internet use and counseling can also be used as a recommended treatment option.
The effects of Internet addiction could not be simply seen, as low as time wastage and occupational impairments, but also several distortions could be seen in association with Internet addiction. Dong said “High-risk Internet addiction (IA) abusers can trigger uncontrollable abuse, significantly distressing feelings, and time-consuming social and occupational difficulties … some abusers reported their addiction could cause mood depression and feelings of guilt, or induce aggressive behavior after a prolonged use of the Internet. Almost all IA abusers claim to encounter relational, academic, familial, and occupational impairments” (Dong1- 2). Sitting and spending number of times also can cause circulatory and musculoskeletal disorders such as fatigue (generalized muscle weakness), hemorrhoids, which lead to colon cancer and varicose vein are some of physical problems caused my excessive sitting. The productivity of these Internet addicted people is also low. Seville said “When individuals spend considerable amounts of time engaging in immediately gratifying Internet activities, they have less time to invest in social relationships, vocational advancement, and other activities that presumably yield larger but more-delayed benefits” (Saville 2). Young also clarified some effects of addictions in many ways. He said; “many addicted adolescents cannot communicate well in face-to-face situations. This is part of why they game in the first place. Communicating online seems safer and easier for them. However, lack of communication skills can cause poor self-esteem, feelings of isolation and create additional problems in life among adolescents” (Young 10). Hyung also said, “Internet addiction disorder (IAD), as a form of technological addiction, ruins lives by causing neurological complications, psychological disturbances, and relational chaos”(Hyung 1).
Generally, no one will argue that the world has not benefitted from digital technology and especially the Internet. As with most improvements, some problems have developed because of Internet usage. As new innovations increase their side effects also increase. People are not only beneficiary from what they invented, but also they are casualties of their works. The time and money spent for treatments of such cases are not counted lower. The effects are also life threatening and not been simply cured and prevented.

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