`` Internet Addiction `` By Greg Beato Essay

`` Internet Addiction `` By Greg Beato Essay

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In his article “internet addiction”, published in 2010 by Reason Magazine, Greg Beato tries to show how internet addiction, an excessive behavior brought up by the psychiatrist Ivan Gilbert, is an important issue for the society and why it should be considered as a behavior disorder. He supports his thesis by using a lot of evidence such as graphics, statistics, and researches. Although, Beato’s arguments about the causes of internet addiction and the reasons why it should add to the DSM are mostly true, some of his observations on the future are pessimistic.
“But who among us doesn’t already check his email more often than necessary” Greg Beato writes in paragraph 9, and his statements are extremely accurate. Over the years, we have become more dependent on the internet for several reasons. We have the threshold where it is almost impossible to live outside the virtual sphere. In other words, we use internet in everything such as communication and interaction. For example, how many of us will go out without the phone? Or how many of us will make a U-turn because we forget our phone at home? Another reason that makes internet addictive is the multitasking that internet it furnishes. In fact, the internet offers the opportunities to do many things at the same time. Greg is exact that the numerous apps provide on the internet gives the ability to do so many things at the same time (para. 3). Furthermore, the accessibility and the fact that the internet makes life much easier constitutes another reason of our dependency to it. Mr. Beato points out this by using a comparison between the early and present days of the internet. Yet, if those are the causes of internet addiction, why should it be added to the DSM?
Then when Mr. Beato ...

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...ticle he presents internet addiction, its consequences, and the solutions to treat it, but he could have given some preventive methods to avoid internet addiction. Do we not say that is better to prevent than cure? For instance, to prevent internet addiction one should try to reduce the time he or she spends on computer. Or one can find hobby or interests that will helps to keep him busy.
The purpose of Greg Beato in his article was to warn us about the seriousness of internet addiction in our society. His essay leads us to have a personal introspection about the overused of Internet. Many of his examples of consequences of internet addiction demonstrate the necessity to consider internet addiction as a disorder. He did a pretty job with this essay although they were some aspects that could have be underline like the prevention methods of Internet addiction.

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