Internet Addiction and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Essay

Internet Addiction and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Essay

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The world as we know it has begun to turn into one of modern technology and reliance on modern technology. The coming generations will grow up with even more technology surrounding them in addition to mp3s, cell phones, computers, convenience machines, and the internet. The internet is always expanding and encompassing more as time passes on. From its’ development to today, the internet is used for more than information gathering, such as playing video games, games, socializing via chatting, Skype, social networking sites, watching movies, and more. With so much to do on the internet, it can become time consuming and even become addictive to some, leading to excessive overuse or addiction. Internet addiction behaviors include “us[ing] the internet for extended periods, isolating themselves from other forms of social contact, and focus almost entirely on the internet rather than broader life events” (Weinstein 2010, p. 277). Therefore, moderating your internet use time and early treatment of excessive internet use or internet addiction would reduce the risks of further consequences such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Internet addiction is a term I had only heard of recently and the association between this topic and ADHD is even more new to me. We rely on the internet to communicate and keep track of everything happening around the world, with friends and family, work, etc. In the beginning, the internet was used for information gathering, storing, and passing on and used by the government and military with limited access and/or use by civilians. However, the internet is more easily accessible these days and we have become highly dependent on it to get through the day. With the amount of activities we...

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