Internet Addiction : A Growing Epidemic Essay

Internet Addiction : A Growing Epidemic Essay

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Internet addiction has been recently hailed as a growing epidemic in our nation. Defined as an impulse-control disorder in which users excessively involve themselves in gaming, chat rooms, and other online activities, Internet addiction, as researchers suggest, controls anywhere from six to ten percent of the American population. Though no specific age or gender group has been found to be especially susceptible, some research hypothesizes that high school-aged teenagers, mothers, and males are among the most prevalent victims. There are many warning signs and symptoms of Internet addiction, such as an obsessive preoccupation with the next surfing activity, losing track of time when on the Internet, trying to cut back on Internet use but failing, and experiencing a light-hearted escape from reality when using the Internet. When Internet addiction continues unhindered, relationships with coworkers, spouses, and family and friends begins to deteriorate, and concentration on different tasks suffers dramatically. Other effects include moodiness and even lack of sleep.
For lack of research, Internet addiction is not yet categorized as a mental illness. It remains uncertain as to what separates regular Internet users from truly addicted users, but research continues to develop the fine line between the two. Clinical perspective references an endorphine called dopamine, whose secretion is responsible for feelings of pleasure. Medical research shows that alcohol given to an alcoholic activates the same part of the brain that lights up when an Internet addict (by our limited definition) uses the Internet. Research has indicated that Internet addiction can be caused by medical problems such as anxiety or depression, but it is al...

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...cyberaddiction group that functions much like AA does for alcoholics, and his book Cyber Junkie: Escaping the Gaming and Internet Trap serves as an inspiration to the growing minority of Internet addicts.
Growing up in a more conservative family, I was not allowed real unsupervised Internet access until I was thirteen, and I still have a certain time when I put my phone and computer away. While it is not hard for me to keep my time on the Internet limited, I do like to play some games and go on Facebook. For the most part, I spend scarcely an hour a day on my phone or at a computer doing things unrelated to schoolwork. The only time I use my phone and the Internet as an escape is when I 'm bored, such as during some summer days when I don 't have any plans. Most of the time, I read books, do schoolwork, or watch TV and movies with my family on Friday nights.

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