Internet Addiction : A Global Issue Essay

Internet Addiction : A Global Issue Essay

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Internet Addiction Needs To Be Stopped
The internet is an essential tool in everyday life. The age of a person does not matter, because whether they are a teen, an adult, or an elderly person in order to stay in contact with others they will need the internet. However, the internet is dangerously addictive. Some studies say that the internet is not the addiction, but the means of getting to the addiction. The more believable of the two studies are the ones that discuss the internet being the addiction. Curtis stated in 2012 that reports on the brain are showing that people who excessively use the internet show abnormalities similar to people who suffer from substance addiction. Curtis also stated that internet addiction was becoming a global issue. In fact people’s lives can suffer profoundly from overusing the internet, which include playing online games and using social media. Once people realize the dangers of this addiction something can finally start to be done to help the people who are addicted.
With all of the studies that discuss internet addiction there are going to be conflicting arguments. One argument is that the internet is not the addiction, but is a medium to the addiction. The other argument is that the internet itself is the addictive substance. The argument that has the most support and is more believable in the research that it does is that the internet itself is the addiction. This makes sense for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is that some of the addictions on the internet are not possible to be addicted to without the internet. Another reason is that people also need information, and people can get addicted to the internet because they want the information. These are only some...

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... The internet is much more dangerous than other addictive substances in the way that they affect the world. The addiction to the internet has the ability to change the way that humanity thinks and acts.
If this addiction to the internet continues it will ruin people’s social skills and ability to interact with one another. This will happen because the younger generation would rather spend time looking at their devices than with interacting with other human beings. Teenagers are spending more time on Twitter than actually interacting with each other. This is possibly because the younger generation could feel that they do not need to speak to their friend face-to-face if they can just send them a text. Children also enjoy participating in online gaming, which is a competitive way of interacting with other people. Instead of meeting in person to go out and

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