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In the essay "Television: The Plug-In Drug" by Marie Winn, the author explains how television separates people from each other. Television, she claims, replaces the human contact by keeping the television viewers interested in the television programming instead of having a human companion. In the essay "Dearly Disconnected" by Ian Frazier, the author describes the cell phone as an object that will take out the payphones, increase human contact and decrease privacy. For example, televisions and cell phones have left their marks in history, and the Internet is now making an entrance with the same controversy as television and cell phones in their times. As technology continues to improve more benefits and disadvantages start to evolve.
The Internet is a great tool for many different things. Having Internet access is like having a huge window to the world. A positive example about Internet is people can save a lot of time using the Internet in their daily life. In fact, people currently do not need to be physically in a certain place to pay bills, buy merchandise, and talk to people. Communication between people can be expensive some times, but the Internet now helps people keep in touch via e-mail, and other free communication programs. Many companies provide Internet service; therefore, these kinds of companies offer it for really low prices. Another reason is that companies know that in today's world Internet access is not a luxury, but is a necessity. Another great advantage of the Internet is that people can be shopping while they are lying down in bed. People have the opportunity to compare prices in different stores without going to every store. The Internet offers an open door to everybody, no matter race, age, gender or physical look. The positive aspects of Internet are great. The Internet now is part of people's daily lives, and is hard to live with out this great technology.

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Just like Internet has a positive side, it also has a negative side. Today the Internet has created some really bad issues. First of all, viruses are a problem for the web and its users because they cause damage to their computers. A virus is sent and received as an e-mail through the Internet, and if a computer receives a virus, it is expensive to fix. Therefore, people will have to buy a new mother board in order to get the computer to work again. Another bad thing that often occurs on the Internet is fraud. Frauds are most likely to happen online; therefore, people should avoid giving any personal information for example credit card numbers, debit card numbers, home addresses, and especially not social security numbers. When shoppers are buying merchandise through the Internet with a debit or a credit card, they may have a good chance of getting fraud. People don't only lose money, but they can also get their identity stolen. Pornography is also a negative side of the Internet because a kid can get to it just by clicking the mouse. Pornography pages do say "Adults Only"; however, this does not stop an underage children from looking through the pornography pages. The Internet is the easiest way for a child to get to pornography; in fact, pornography causes serious damages to a child. A child can become addicted to sex, distract him/her from his/her normal school activities, and can grow up with a perverted mind. Viruses, frauds, and pornography are a few examples of the bad side of the Internet; however, people learn to overcome those negative issues by using special software made to block those problems.
Currently, the Internet's benefits are a convenience for society, but they are slowly taking away human contact. Now, people are able to do many things through the Internet in just one window and with a simple click. For instance, many people are paying their bills on line. Instead of having to go to the local business office and having human contact, now they pay through the Internet. Another good example is education. Many people aren't able to attend a normal school schedule because of their indisposition of time; therefore, online education is an excellent way to stay in school. Now people can create their own schedule and learn from their computer to continue their desire of education. Messages are also a good example in how people communicate these days. Currently, e-mail is a very fast way that people use to have contact with their family or friends by just clicking "send" and being answered in less than a minute. Most people prefer to use e-mail instead of sending a letter by posted mail because they would have to put the message in an envelope, buy a stamp, take it to the post office and wait more than one minute to be received. However, the people that use often the Internet know that the Internet is currently taking away human contact because of its convenience. People forget that it is important to keep human contact because society needs each other to fulfill their needs, for example its smell, its touch, feelings, sight, and many other things.
Although the Internet today has made a big effect on society, the future Internet will have an even more profound impact. The Internet has helped in many convenient aspects; because of the Internet, society has more information at its reach. Because technology is evolving so fast, the future Internet will have the power to reach information that was not able to obtain before. Internet 2 is the new improved Internet; in fact, its connection will be faster and easier to access by every one. In comparison with the current Internet, people will have less problems connecting with other people, and the out come will be more business online and even less human contact. In addition, the Semantic Web, which is new instruction for the new Internet application, will help people get more information that was there, but was not able to be read by the current Internet instructions. Similar to the present Internet, the new technology will bring new problems and society will accept it and use it to its full power.
In conclusion, the Internet is at the reach of everyone and just about everyone in this society knows the Internet is able to do many different things. Like, televisions in Marie Winn's essay, the Internet is the new tool that is taking away some of the old ways of doing things. Although people are able to do many good things on the Internet, they should be aware of the negative side of the Internet. Not all people know the positive and negative sides of the Internet. Therefore, people should be well informed of how the Internet works. Also, people should be learning about the different things that can be done through the Internet and things they will be able to do in the future. The knowledge will improve their chances of making the most of the Internet access and avoiding the dangerous side of the Internet.
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