Essay about Internet Access in Ghana

Essay about Internet Access in Ghana

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Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Internet Access in Ghana
Information and Communication Technology has become the tool that has integrated and become resourceful in people’s lives ranging from health, politics, social, culture, entertainment and education. However, the Internet has been a valuable medium for knowledge dissemination and opportunities for development and growth.
2.1.1 SHS Students Access to Internet
With all these major improvements in technology, it is proposed that students in the 21st century are “Digital Natives” [3]. Thus it is assumed that students in the 21st century are more technologically enlightened than their teachers. There is also expressed concern that there is an apparent lack of technological literacy among teachers. Sarfo F.K and Ansong Gyimah conducted a survey with a sample size of 300 students in 4 select schools [3]. Generally the results showed that Ghanaian students are technologically savvy. This finding is in line with the proposition that students in the 21st Century are “Digital Natives” [3].
In the survey, 60% of the students had access to computers and 40% did not. Furthermore, in the same survey, 22% of students had access to Internet which meant that many students seem to have access to computers but their access to Internet is somewhat limited. Thus, the situation of Ghanaian SHS students accessing the Internet is significantly poor compared to that of developed countries [3]. The absence of Internet to most of the Ghanaian SHS students is a basic problem in most developing countries; and this can be explained in line with the notion of “Digital Divide” which describes the economic inequality between groups or countries with the use of, or knowledge of Information and Communicatio...

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... 1-4, December 2003.
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