The Internationalisation Process Of Ssa Firms From Nigeria A Case Study Approach

The Internationalisation Process Of Ssa Firms From Nigeria A Case Study Approach

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Due to the relatively under-explored research topic and contemporary nature of the phenomenon under investigation of the internationalisation process of SSA firms from Nigeria a case study approach is deemed appropriate for this study. A case study provides the best approach for this study because of the case firms ‘relevance to the research question, research objectives, context and theoretical positioning of this study and small sample size of the study (Silverman, 2013, Yin, 2014). Also, a case study allows to empirically investigate in-depth a contemporary phenomenon within a context, drawing data from multiple sources of evidence for triangulation and convergence (Yeung, 1995; Yin, 2014, p. 16 and 17). Additionally, case study design is adopted because it provides the platform for theory development and expansion as well as to provide a fresh perspective and insight is required in a theme (Eisenhardt, 1989).
With reference to Yin (2014) replication logic is important in the study because of the multiple case firms in the study design. Consequently, replication and contrast among cases are analyse as individual cases or a single unit “within case” then followed by cross analyse the case firms “cross case analysis” for replicative effect of all cases (Eisenhardt, 1989) This is because the case firms’ encompasses firms from different sectors of the Nigerian economy and would exhibit different approaches on their expansion process.
Case Selection Process
The four cases were selected based on purposive and theoretical sampling (Yin, 2014) and in such a study, it advisable to choose cases that are polar or extreme in nature (Gray, 2014).
Previous studies on the internationalisation of Nigerian firms focus mainly on the ban...

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...ere used to create matrices, tabulation and diagram for data reduction and data visualisation (Eisenhardt, 1989) Stemler, 2001; Silverman 2013; Gray, 2014; Yin, 2014; (Thomas, 2006; (Braun & Clarke, 2006; Miles & Huberman (1994.
6. Data and Case Analysis
Thematic analysis technique was adopted using Nvivo software package for coding, several themes emerged from the case study data evidence vis-à-vis the interview data and secondary data sources to address this study research questions. The study focus was to determine the motivation and patterns of Nigerian firms’ internationalisation through case study of four case firms from four different sectors of the economy. However, findings from this study is presented as a framework in the discussion and findings section because the development of framework is fundamental to case study research design (Creswell, 2013).

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