The International Union Of Police Associations Essay

The International Union Of Police Associations Essay

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8 hours. It is the recommended numbers of hours one should sleep. However, between those 8 hours, something disturbing is happening. Every 8 hours, a police officer kills an American citizen. Only 1% of these police are indicted in killing compared to 90% of American that are hauled off to jail immediately (Cop Crisis). Whether it 's a police officer or an American citizen that commits the crime, there will always be an organization that supports the offender. The International Union of Police Associations is an organization that lobbies for the police department and its affairs. On the other end of the spectrum is the Communities for Police Reform. This organization fights to protects the rights of the average American citizen. Both organizations share the common ground to protect the rights of their members and can work together to reach a point of a compromise.
The International Union of Police Associations came from it’s father organization, the International Conference of Police Associations in 1954. The organizations represents police officers and sheriffs across the country, with 8,00 officers in Puerto Rico as well. The IUPA created a program tailored to the police department to protect them legally. With the increase in negative incidents involving the police officers, they have created a need to protect their members. The IUPA are associated with a powerful legal team to “cover civil and criminal incidents” (IUPA). They also provide research information to their members on topics such as wellness, PTSD programs and drug testing. It doesn 't cost to become a member, it actually pays. They offer insurance discounts, houses and home protection and travel accommodations. One of the main goal of this organization is to keep ...

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...not be there to tell their side of the story.
Since May of 2013, 2793 American have been killed by the police department. Whether it was justified or not, the American public feels this number is too high. The International Union of Police Association have lobbied for the officers they represent. They aim to protect the rights of it’s members. The Communities United for Police Reform lobby for the general public. Thier goal is to educate the common people about their rights. To resolve the issue of police brutality in America, both organizations should lobby together to pass Acts, such as the Right to Know Act that will protect both parties rights. Body cams are another alternative that will give the accurate account of the incident that will replace the word-of-mouth method. Both organizations will have to come together in order to help bring an end to this issue.

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