International Trade : The Silk Road Essay

International Trade : The Silk Road Essay

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Today when people go to a store, there is no surprise if they find a majority of goods from foreign countries making their way to the United States. Businesses are importing shirts made in India, computers made in China, and wines made in Italy as well as exporting U.S goods to the rest of the world. Things made around the world are being exchanged on a daily basis between countries with no direct geographical connection through international trading. The idea of international trading has become one of the most important vehicles for good, culture and innovation exchange. International trade cultivates the inter-connectedness relationship between countries and regions on the world map. The development of global trading between foreign countries rooted back over 2000 years ago over 5000 miles stretch between Asia and Europe famously known as “The Silk Road”…

The Silk Road is an important link to the Chinese’s increased connection to the Western empires and Central Asia (Wood,2002,p.11) Alexander the Great is often credited with the early established connection with the East with his invasion of Persia and Bactria (Wood,2002,p.36). The relationship is strengthened by the later migration of nomadic groups from China’s borders into the Middle East and the Mediterranean linking many parts of the Silk Road together through their system of trade and movement (Liu, 2010, p.22). On the other side, the early effort to extend trade westwards from China came during the Han dynasty when an envoy named Zhang Qian was sent west to gain support of other nomad groups against their enemy called Xiongnu and later on discovered Northern and Southern routes of the Silk Road to the west. (Wood, 2002, p.50) After the Han dynasty had declined around AD ...

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...d but the Silk Road is still always known as the world’s oldest and most important international trade routes ever developed not only for transportation of exotic goods across continents, but also the migration and development of people, cultures, languages, ideas, religions and innovations. The History of Silk Road encompassed the rise and fall of many Empires and Dynasties from East to West. It emphasizes the powerful ability of the human to adapt and take advantages of the environment surrounding them. The Legend of the Silk Road also reflects the essential connection between human and geography to each other. The physical characteristics of location, place, and regions tells the rich history of agriculture, technology, science, diplomatic and migration of mankind along the network of roads that originated the concept of modern day international trade.


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