International Trade : Globalization Is Inevitable For Many Countries Essay

International Trade : Globalization Is Inevitable For Many Countries Essay

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The world is a big place as many folks may be aware of. Once upon a time countries in this big place typically kept to themselves and traded mostly amongst themselves. This stopped once people like Marco Polo began to traverse great distances in order to trade for things that were either in short supply or were entirely unique and never before seen by their own countrymen. As technology progressed and people began to cross oceans and find quicker ways to get to places international trade increased, to the point where large companies formed for the sole purpose of trading. Thanks to the march of technology what took months once upon a time, now can take seconds. In such an environment obviously international trade has become all but inevitable for most countries. As international trade grows globalization is likewise inevitable for most companies, although it can has its pros and cons along with their fair share of obstacles. In order to understand what these are we will be looking at these topics along with others as we go on our journey of globalization.

Obviously when you have operations that span the globe which often interact with each other you will find your fair share of similarities and differences. As this article says [i](Principles of Management, Flatworld Knowledge,) there are many similarities between the countries. For instance both the United States and Singapore reward individual improvement and generally excelling to the extreme. Now in Russia and Greece on the other hand things like where you came from and what you did count for a bit more it seems. If you want work internationally and understand one another these are things that will have to be known.

Now here’s something interesting that I recently learned ...

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... their coworkers and employees. Integrity for instance is equally essential, how else could employees trust whatever their managers and supervisors said? Employees that are mistreated and are frequently told lies to tend to be disgruntled at best and inefficient at worst. In such cases it would be better to be loved than feared

So obviously understanding ethics and cultural are very essential when you work abroad, and especially when you want to expand your horizons financially. In this world such skills are nigh essential, internationally primarily. The ethics also assist mightily when you are working domestically as well. Indeed in a lot of places kindness is as universal as money and other forms of profit of course. I certainly hope that this particular paper informed and educated about ethics and cultural understanding in the world of globalization.


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