International Trade And Commerce : A Very Tangible Part Of How Business Essay

International Trade And Commerce : A Very Tangible Part Of How Business Essay

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In the last century, globalization has become a very tangible part of how business is conducted. Technological advancement allows international trade and commerce to happen rapidly and easily while the advancement in how goods are transported and how people communicate have had a drastic effect on the globalization of business. Management practices and culture also has a bearing on how international enterprise has is conducted. Managers have to adapt to different management practices, adjust to a new culture, and sometimes face ethical issues in a foreign field. Management is an important role in finance and enterprise that has far reaching consequences on the globalization of business.

In every country, there are often differences that make working withing the frame of international business interesting and, at times, challenging. In this context, people tend to compare and contrast the difference in managerial cultures when relocating to a foreign country to work. For instance, management in the United States is based on a distinct sense of individualism. Employees are expected to perform a particular job or task and are assessed based on their individual degree of success in completing the job. Whenever an employee exceeds the expectations set forth by management in performing their given task, they are rewarded based on their own merits; conversely, if they fall short of these expectations, then they are reprimanded or counseled singularly. On the contrary, in China, employees are treated less as individuals and more as a collective. This culture of management distributes the task load onto an entire team or group of people instead of one person. Therefore, whenever a job is done succinctly and professionally, the entire grou...

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..., managers face several challenges that can be overcome if given ample training and support. If managers are well adjusted to a foreign culture 's social norms and practices, they will be equipped to handle any issues that may arise in how they perform their jobs in another country. Comparing the cultural differences of their home country to the country they are to move to gives the manager a perspective of what to expect and how to lead, plan, and train employees under their supervision. And lastly, if management communicates any unethical practices to corporate, they will be able to effectively protect the cultural sensitivity of the company while keeping the ethical integrity of the business intact. Thus, we see how management and the people who implement the ideologies behind the different managerial styles are crucial in how well international business function.

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