The International System As A Realm Of Constant Conflict Essay

The International System As A Realm Of Constant Conflict Essay

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The international system is a realm of constant conflict. It such a core factor that the entire theory of realism bases itself off of the concept. However, conflict is different than war. While conflict can come in many forms of disagreement, war involves the express use of force. Although an act of war can be done for any purpose that a state feels is necessary, there are certain criteria that must be met if they desire to go through the process of fighting Just War. This kind of war is morally justifiable and dictates the reason and method of the fighting that takes place. The ultimate goal of the concept of Just War is to limit the number of wars that happen.
As the name of Just War implies, there must be just cause for fighting on either side to begin. In order for this to happen, there must be a morally good objective that the invading state is desiring to accomplish. This can be seen as the World War II began to unfold. States were not only coming to aid the other states that they were in alliance with, but they were also attempting to stop the atrocities that were happening to the Jewish people that were living within Germany 's reach. By having this motive behind the war, it effected the way that soldiers fought and how civilians at home thought because both believed that they were supporting a war against an evil instead of merely another state. This factor ensures that there are not deaths based upon a cause that is not considered moral.
The second requirement for Just War goes hand in hand with just cause. Right intention requires that the goal of a war to be the correction of a wrong or the establishment of peace before it can start. An example of a time when Just War was not on display was Argentina and Great Br...

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...e future based upon the way the current international system operates. The two criteria that are going to be the most difficult to achieve are declaration by legitimate authority and discrimination. This first will pose a problem due to the overwhelming influence that atomic weapons have had. With almost all major powers possessing the technology for them, there is no doubt that a declaration of war would result in the use of these weapons. For instance the United States has yet to declare war since WWII ended because of the implications of that act. Discrimination is the an issue because of the ability for states to no longer require an army to be uniformed. By blending in with typical civilians, there is almost no sure way of knowing if a soldiers gun is aimed at the correct target. These factors together make it nearly impossible for there to be another Just War.

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