Essay on International Students Should Use Their Unconscious Minds

Essay on International Students Should Use Their Unconscious Minds

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All students think constantly in their lives, and their brains can have hundreds of ideas about any encounter they face. Whenever international students go abroad to study in universities or colleges, they will meet new teachers. While many international students face new students, first impressions are significant to them because many students judge others biased on their first impressions. After international students judge others through first impressions, student can make relationship with new students. In order to make a new relationship, many international students make new relationship with a new student by taking a long time analyzing the new student, and gathering some information about the student. That process can be done using their conscious minds while international students can make new relationship faster by using their unconscious minds. International students should use their unconscious minds because it is beneficial in their academic studies, it is helpful in their social lives, and it is trustful in their personal lives.
One major fact is that using unconscious minds to international students is beneficial in their academic studies. While international students get to their universities, they will be required to take tests. Most of students would spend a long time studying for their tests, and they would take their test relying on what they studied by using their conscious minds. However, some people can take their test without studying, and they take their tests depending on their unconscious minds. Both students can have grateful grades because unconscious mind is as clever as conscious mind. The difference between conscious and unconscious mind is that unconscious mind is faster than...

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...ause unconscious mind is even more convenient than conscious mind. Unconscious mind is fast, and it can help students in getting their jobs in their future. They do not have to worry about making decisions because many people used unconscious decisions, and they did not remorse.
In conclusion, international students should use their unconscious minds because they are beneficial in their studies, using their unconscious mind can help international students to adapt and socialize in their lives. Whenever students face an issue, they should make decisions by using their unconscious minds because it is idealistic. There are many people who used their unconscious minds, and they did not regret. Some people might disagree with using the unconscious mind. However, it is better than using conscious mode because it has similar advantages to the conscious mind.

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