International Students 's Second Language Learning During The Studying Process Abroad

International Students 's Second Language Learning During The Studying Process Abroad

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International students have challenges in second language learning during the studying process abroad. Sawir (2005) illustrates that international students in Australia are facing language difficulties. Strategies of how to help students study in a persistent, energetic and efficient language acquisition status have been discussed. Dörnyei (2009) concludes that motivation has been found to be of the great significance in facilitating the success of language learning. It can be referred to a metaphor that motivation is the ‘engine’ of study by Gardner (1985). The interrelationship of effort and desire in achieving a goal which relates to language learning is driven by the ‘engine’ (motivation) (Gardner & Lambert, 1959). Deci and Ryan (1995) classify motivation into intrinsic motivation (self-motivation) which means the internal interest and happiness to do something, and extrinsic motivation which is relative to the rewards of an activity. In this essay, intrinsic motivation is treated as the most important factor in second language (L2) acquisition. Maslow also (1970) states that extrinsic motivation is inferior to intrinsic motivation. There are three noticeable attributes in L2 self-motivation: linguistic confidence, ideal L2 self and willingness to communicate.

Building learners’ linguistic confidence is one attribute in L2 intrinsic motivation. The definition of linguistic confidence, based on Clément (1980), is the combination of English communication competence and low anxiety of language expression. According to Dörnyei (2005), linguistic confidence is the essential element in student self-motivation in L2 learning. As an international student who is unfamiliar with a new environment, it is vital for one to adapt to a cros...

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...t is unlikely that any excellent teacher can ensure the accomplishment of long-term goals for the student. Moreover, only the student self has the chance to motivate himself/herself immediately at any time in any situation in the life-long process, as long as he/she is doing the L2 learning activity. Therefore, intrinsic motivation (self-motivation) is superior to extrinsic motivation from teachers.

In summary, motivation is the fundamental force to initiate and sustain L2 learning. Linguistic confidence, ideal L2 self and willingness to communicate are considered as the three main strategies for second language learners ' intrinsic motivation. Though the influence of the role of teacher is significant, self-motivation of the L2 learner is at the core of effective learning. More work relate to the topic of three attributes need to be done in Australia in the future.

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