International Students Returning Home Essay

International Students Returning Home Essay

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United States is a land of immigrants. It’s the land of opportunity, liberty and equal rights. Security, better education, careers, and good health facilities are merely some of the few attractions that play a vital role in attracting immigrants from all over the world. With each immigrant coming to the country, they bring a diverse set of cultures, beliefs, values and tradition. The effect on the country is not only demographic, but it affects socio-culture, economic, employment, health, law enforcement, and every aspect of life. If we look at the various immigration policies dealing with immigrants, it has not fulfilled its promise. This paper focuses on one of the phenomenon of immigration (international students) that has been going on since the 18th century.
The immigration phenomena go back to the founders of the country. Over the centuries, many people have immigrated in this country both legally and illegally. Legal immigrant refers to the people who fulfilled all the ‘legal’ documentation before arriving at the host country, whereas illegal immigrants are those who just want to get into host country by any other means.
During the 62 years of operation of Ellis Island (from 1892-1954), which was the point of entry in the United States processed more than 12 million legal immigration. This was a formally established institute under the U.S. laws and regulation which was formulated for monitoring and processing immigrant’s paperwork. The immigrants were required to prove their identities, answer series of questions and must have a family or friend who could vouch them.
Being a land of the immigrants, the U.S. has always been one of the popular destination for international students. By the year 2010, the U.S. achieved its...

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...nces in decision making of international students whether to go back to their home country upon graduation. Another purpose is to find out what can be done to tackle this problem. For this, the policy recommendation provides the framework for what can be done. The surveys and questionnaires helped in the methodology of the paper along with the various literature reviews done by the social-scientist in this matter. The paper is organized as follows: introduction, literature review, methodology, and policy recommendation.

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John K. Hudzik & Peter F. Briggs. (2012). Trends and institutional implications for international student enrollments in U.S. institutions. Trends and Insights. Retrieved from

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