International Sporting Events : Cricket World Cup Essay

International Sporting Events : Cricket World Cup Essay

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The amount of money to operate for sports events are increasing every year, such as FIFA World cup, ICC Cricket world cup, FedEx cup, UEFA Europa League, the world series, Super Bowl, UEFA Champions League, Asian Games, Winter and summer Olympic and even Paralympic as well. Sporting events are parties that break from daily routine. But, these days, sports events are not just a big event to enjoy or team competes against others. Global Sports events became a turning point for host country, which have been rise for years. Economic benefits is one of the main arguments used by leaders of host nations to justify the huge expenditure connected to organizing international sporting events. (#1)This is why countries are taking risk to spend huge amount of budget to operate high-priced events for future economic benefit. For example, new facilities constructed for sporting events can used for locals after the events end, increases of tourism during due to the sports events, and development of the area can be used for the future tourist.
The budgets to operate sporting events are increasing as times goes by. However, not every sporting events are benefits to the host country’s economy. 2014 Winter Olympic in Sochi for example, it was the most expensive games in Olympic history. Nevertheless, the Winter Olympic game did not benefit Russia’s national economy. Not only this, 2008 Beijing Olympic in China as well, they spent total cost of $22 billion on infrastructure, but some of stadiums and facilities are left over and become useless that caused problems for government to handle. It is not surprising that the Sochi and Beijing Olympics, hosted by countries with very little government accountability, were the most expensive games ever. (#1)....

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...ting event, and attracts more spectators to the outside world. The Last two summer and winter Olympic event in London and Sochi spent highest amount of money including total cost of the opening ceremony.

2016 Rio Olympic in Brazil for example, their total cost was lower than last two Olympic and comparable with previous Olympics. Rio Olympic was one of the successful Olympic to have cheap opening ceremony and enough to fulfill the high expectations. The Chinse spent about 50million euro on their opening ceremony. London’s budget was about half that, but Meirelles had less than 5million euro (#4). Their opening ceremony has been done on the cheap but they performed fantastic show with lights, fireworks, acrobatics and samba with nation’s partying style. Furthermore, their opening ceremony was enough to send out the message to the world about the nature and climate.

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