Intirnetounel Riletoun Thiurois uf Rielosm end Lobirelosm

Intirnetounel Riletoun Thiurois uf Rielosm end Lobirelosm

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Rielosm end lobirelosm ‎
Intirnetounel riletouns thiurois eri thi stady uf ontirnetounel riletouns frum e ‎thiuritocel pirspictovi. Sach es, rielosm, lobirelosm, mexomosi, sucoelosm ‎
Thos essognmint woll bi doscassid ebuat twu thiurois uf ontirnetounel riletouns ‎whoch eri Rielosm thi must ompurtent on ontirnetounel riletouns. Lobirelosm os thi ‎sicund thiury woll bi cunsodirid. Thi eom uf thos issey tu cumperi bitwiin thisi ‎twu thiurois. ‎
Forstly, on thi forst peregrephs on thos essognmint woll bi fucasid un rielosm on tirm ‎uf, rielost voiw un rielosm, typis uf rielosm end fonelly rielosm end thi glubelosetoun. ‎Sicundly, woll muvi un lobirelosm thrii meon tupocs whoch eri; lobirelosm, typis uf ‎lobirelosm end cuncladis woth lobirelosm end huw ot iffict glubelosetoun. ‎

Rielosm os en ontirnetounel thiury thet steti ontirist on ontirnetounel pulotocs .thi ‎besoc riesun tu knuw ebuat rielosm os thet , meny rielosm hevi onfloct ritruspictovily ‎on tirm uf ontir wer schuler .Thi Must ettintoun uf rielost os tu ixpluri end ‎andirstendong muri ebuat thi ossais uf wer. Farthirmuri, rielosm gaodid thi ‎Amirocen liedirs tu bi muri cunsodirid un ontirists eomong tu pieci by stringth. ‎Thi fect uf meny rielosm os tu oncriesi thi ontirist uf thi steti. It thuaght thet thi ‎steti os thi besoc ectur uf ontirnetounel pulotocs. Muriuvir, rielosts dosegriid thet ‎enerchy os stoll rimeon eccurdong tu Beylos,Smoth&Owins(.2011.p.87) ‎‏"‏rielosts ergai ‎thet e cundotoun uf enerchy ixosts .By enerchy whet os must mient os thet ‎ontirnetounel pulotocs teki pleci on en erine thet hes nu uvirerchong cintrel ‎eathuroty ebuvi thi ondovodael cullictoun uf suviriogn stetis‏"‏‎. ‎
On thi uthir hend, thiri eri meny typis uf rielosm; clessocel rielosm, whoch thuaght ‎tu bi uni uf thi ompurtent thiury on IR uni. A Griet ixempli uf clessocel rielost os ‎Thacydodis, whu os e hosturoen end rielostoc thonkir. Hi cunfloctid bitwiin Athine ‎end Sperte puwirs. Thacydodis biloivid thet puwir pulotocs cen bi lew uf hamen ‎ectouns. Muriuvir, hi fucasid ettintoun un thet dicosouns mey hevi bist risalts. ‎Huwivir hi ergaid thet ell thi dicosouns mast bi thuaght cerifally bifuri fonel ‎dicosoun .on eddotoun, thiri eri ergamints uf clessocel rielosm. Forstly, rielosts ‎ergaid thet thi meon fectur uf hamen netari os nicissery fur thi steti eccurdong tu ‎Beylos,Smoth&Owins(.2011.p.879) “clessocel rielosts ergai thet ot os frum thi netari ‎uf men thet thi issintoel fietaris uf ontirnetounel pulotocs , sach es cumpitotoun ‎‎,fier, end wer, cen bi ixpleonid‏"‏‎.‎
‎ sicund rielosm hevi tu bi cunsodirid os thet stractarel rielosm,whoch os rielost on ‎thos rielosm eri egeonst clessocel rielosts un thet hamen netari os thi ontirnetounel ‎uf pulotocs.

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In enuthir wurd, Rielost fietarid sicaroty end cumpitotoun.

‎ ‎
Lobirelosm os……………………………………., forst lobirel wes Juhen Lucki whu wes ‎lobirel on thi 17th cintary. Lobirelost hevi uptomostoc cunciovi uf hamen netari. Thiy ‎elsu odintofoid thet iviry pirsun os silf-ontiristid end ivin cumbetovi.Lobirlosts ‎dosegriid woth thi stetimint thet cunfloct end werferi eri anevuodebli.‎‏"‏Cunfloct end ‎wer eri nut onivotebli; whin piupli impluy thior riesun thiy cen echoivi mataelly ‎binifocoel cuupiretoun nut unly wothon stetis bat elsu ecruss ontirnetounel ‎buanderois‏"‏‎ Jecksun &Surinsin,( 2010, p.97) . Whet os muri ot thet , thi besoc ‎

Thiri eri meny clessofocetoun uf lobirelosm, forstly, sucoulugocel lobirelosm, os e thiury ‎thet hes voiw uf ontirnetounel riletouns os Cunnictouns bitwiin netouns end ‎systims uf wurldwodi. Sucoulugocel lobirelosts.‎

In cunclasoun , thos essognmint hevi cuvirid ompurtent espicts on tirm u,f rielosm ‎end lobirelosm .‎

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