International Personality Conflict Resolution By Different Minds Tackle The Same Problem

International Personality Conflict Resolution By Different Minds Tackle The Same Problem

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International personality relates to dispute resolution by different minds tackle the same problem. Bringing in many different points of view can make for a product of a new lenses to solve a problem. Having nations with different past experiences that could apply and have had levels of previous success that shows the most productive reasoning in the solution. Different international organization plays a key role in controlling the international personalities in disputes that may arise.
Trade relations often involve conflicting interests and end up in arguments that are not productive. Having outside opinions on the matter where, there is no bias, for example, if country A does not appreciate doing business with country B but country A is in Crisis. Country A is more likely not to listen to country B even if they have experienced a similar crisis, yet if a third country C, comes into the picture both may listen and actively participate with Country C as, if they are a mediator.
Parent nation and child nation situations can result in dispute after separation and legal action is needed in where the International Court of Justice steps in if jurisdiction is given. The size of the nation and the power that comes along with the size and or intelligence, example, North Korea with Nuclear weapons or the United Nations with the military and size, can be more of a threat than a smaller country. The persona or personality a nation gives can display their morals and way of life to the world and other nations. Many times, nations do not have the same personalities and end up in dispute and that is the primary reason for international organizations that focus on different areas of the world’s business exchanges.
Many international organizati...

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...ights and law are strictly enforced. When a nation commits genocide or extermination of its own people or especially people of a different nation, action is taken against them and their moral reputation in globalization is demolished in little time and requires a lengthy reputation recovery.
All countries have diverse views on human rights and humanitarian laws, where it is valued higher than others in many cases or sometimes completely ignored. As each nation has the right to hold human safety and life over law or base their laws with the foundation of human rights. Even though the international standard for human rights and humanitarian law stands and nations may vary in respect towards it, when talking about nuclear weapons, genocide and extermination, the world as a whole, takes the matters very seriously and views through the lenses of crimes against humanity.

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