International Maritime Public Key Infrastructure Essay

International Maritime Public Key Infrastructure Essay

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1. International Maritime PKI description
The foundation of our proposal is the development of an International Maritime Public Key Infrastructure that should act as the coordinator of the infrastructure and may be functionally under International Maritime Organization. On the other hand each maritime country should develop its own public key infrastructure that should satisfy a minimum number of the International Maritime PKI standards in order to be compatible. Hence, in this paper the International Root Certification Authority along the International Root Registration Authority assumed to be functioning under the IMO and called PKI-IMO. Respectively, the national part of the International Maritime PKI called national Maritime PKI (PKI-NMO), i.e. Greek Maritime PKI (PKI-Greek-MO). The national organizations based on each country’s responsible authority where they operate the corresponding national Certification and Registration authorities. National Certification and Registration authorities divided to national Vessels Certification and Registration authorities and to national Officers Certification and Registration authorities. (See figure: … )

1.1 International Maritime PKI Authority
The International Maritime PKI Authority under the International Maritime Organization publishes the criteria and the legislations that a national Maritime PKI (PKI-NMO) must meet in order to be part of the PKI-IMO. The maritime nation that wants to be part of the PKI-IMO makes a request to IMO in order to register with the International Root Registration Authority. IMO and International Root Registration Authority are responsible to check if the candidate nation’s maritime PKI fulfills the criteria for re...

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... to validate the PKI-IMO signing over the PKI-NationalMO and therefore PKI-NationalMO signing over the vessel and OOW certificates. Noted that the above procedure is totally automatic and all the restriction and the precondition of a PKI are applied (i.e. Revocation lists, secure public dissemination of the PKI-IMO certificate/public key); however the examination of them is beyond the scope of this paper. Finally it is very important to highlight that the PKI-IMO and the organization that supporting it does not have any active role on the authentication procedures that they are automatic and they do not imply any kind of active communication with any of the national or international public key infrastructures. That it is not true for the Authentication/Encryption mode that needs the active support of both the national and international public key infrastructures.

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