The International Leadership Program For Janssen Pharmaceutical Of Johnson & Johnson

The International Leadership Program For Janssen Pharmaceutical Of Johnson & Johnson

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Upon graduation, I will work for Janssen Pharmaceutical of Johnson & Johnson as part of its international leadership program. I will work as a manager in the department called Integrated Market Access (IMAT), composed by six functions. Johnson & Johnson has the specific leadership model, the Leadership Imperatives, where all employees are expected to implement in their daily practice to lead the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies for future [1]. The Leadership Imperatives consists of four Imperatives: Lead, Deliver, Connect, and Shape. The model is a common requirement to assess employees’ success. As a manager, I also have to personify this leadership model. Therefore, in this report, I would like to examine how I can improve my leaderships by connecting lessons learned in the class with four elements in the model.

1) Lead
This imperative is concerned with creating and environment where leadership and talent development is top priority. I believe that motivation is one of the most important concepts in talent development. As we reconfirmed in the tower building exercise, motivation strongly affects performance of a worker. How to control motivation is also a very important topic for IMAT. When I worked there as an internship this summer, I witnessed many internal conflicts among workers or between functions. In addition, three members of the team left the company during my three months internship. According to my observation, a major reason was that desirable behavior or performance was not correctly determined under the effort-to-performance relationship in the expectancy theory. Actually, works thought that their expected performance was strictly implementing own roles and responsibilities rather than col...

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... others, however, my influence is almost driven by the liking, which means that my influence heavily depends on a personal relationship between others and me. I should equip other perspectives to enhance my leadership of influencing others. To improve it, I will take several tangible steps. First, I will always assess which perspectives are top three key drivers to influence a counterpart. Before setting a meeting to discuss with him/her, I will create a favorable environment for me by satisfying his/her top three influence drivers. I will check if these steps are working by the degree of agreement gained from counterparts measured by their behavior and attitude. If my action doesn’t influence them, I changed my assessment of top three drivers or strengthen a favorable environment. Repeating these cycles in each of my project, my control of influence will be refined.

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