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Banff Springs Hotel
William Cornelius Van Horne wanted to build a hotel that looked like a Scottish Castel
. He asked a New York architect named Bruce Price to build one . Later, the rooms were developed to show the American and British railroad travelers the Canadian Rockies. At the end of building, it was the largest hotel in the world, earning it the nickname “The Castel of the Rockies” .
During the years 1900-1910 people came to visit the original Banff Springs Hotel. In 1926, the original north wing caught fire and burned down. Later on in the mid 20th century, a gold course and landing strip was adding to the hotel. When the Olympics were in Calgary, hotel added 245 new rooms, and a spa. In 2006 it merged with Fairmont to become The Fairmont Banff Hotel.

The town of Banff
In 1750, Indian tribes move in to the Rockies. These tribes are the Cree, Blackfoot, and Kootenay. In 1871 the Canadian Government constructed a railroad to unite all of the providences with the providence of British Columbia. The railroad passed through Banff and ends to the station of Lake Louise . In the 1990’s Banff became the first and only city in Canada that is a municipality located directly in a national park.

Anchorage Zoo
In 1966, a paper company named Crown Zellerbach ran a contest where the prize was either $3000 dollars, or a newborn elephant. The winner was Jack Snyder and he shocked everyone when he picked the two-year-old Asian elephant. Eventually Mr. Snyder gave the elephant to the owner of the local horse ranch in Anchorage named Sammye Seawell. As more people became interested the elephant, who was named Annabelle, Ms. Seawell noticed that there needed to be a place where animals ...

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... dos Bicos
Casa dos Bicos is located in Lisbon Portugal. It is known as the “House of Spikes”, because diamond shaped stones were used to build it. People have thought that is designed after the many palaces inside of Venice Italy. The inside is not open to the public, unless there are special exhibits. There are a total of 1125 of the diamond shaped stones that were used to build the Casa dos Bicos.

Plaza de Colón (Columbus Square)
Plaza de Colón (Columbus Square) is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is located in the eastern part of Old San Juan. It was built in the late 1700’s to commemorate the first expedition of Christopher Columbus. It is demonstrated because a statue of Columbus stands directly in the center of the square. Columbus Square is busy with traffic all of the time that is entering the area. The Teatro Tapia

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