Essay about International Journal Of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Essay about International Journal Of Contemporary Hospitality Management

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Burgess, C. (2007). Do hotel managers have sufficient financial skills to help them manage their areas?. International Journal Of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 19(3), 188-200. doi:10.1108/09596110710739895

In this research paper Cathy Burgess (2007) investigates if hotel managers have the financial skills to effectively manage their areas within the constantly changing industry. Two of the research projects used were performed in 1993 and focused on the roles of a financial manager, quantitative research was also undertaken by a survey through a tick box method that is mailed to the BAHA (British Association of hospitality accountants) it was sent to 502 members in December 2005, a total of 37 respond which 23 of them worked in chain hotels and the other 10 were from independent hotels. The research focuses on the importance of financial skills and the impact on financial aspects of management. This research paper is useful to research on the changing nature and automation in the financial scene for managers, as Cathy Burgess (2007) suggests that it is important for manager to possess financial skills but is hard to determine whether manager possess those skills. The research findings were limited as the sample size was really small and didn 't not cover the size needed to make a conclusive finding, also the lack of cultural diversity in the research further limits the data and scope of the research. Based on the research findings Cathy Burgess (2007) concludes that there is a gap between the expectations and the reality of hotel managers that are concerned that their losses are due to a lack of effective and informed management. Cathy Burgess (2007) also states that lending the financial skills to the manager can go furt...

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...ger picture in different areas of study. Based on the research findings Hayes and Introna(2005) conclude that the issues of plagiarism is not as simple as its cheating or not cheating , it is the outcome of many diverse cultural backgrounds and also due to lack of skills or time it is used to justify or be compliant with plagiarism in their own work. The reports outcomes can be used by students currently studying in a western setting or people who are looking to study in the future in the western setting for the purpose to understand why others have plagiarised or in turn why they have felt that plagiarism is something that is justifiable to carry out. It can also be used as a teaching tool to show students a deeper understanding of plagiarism and why it happens. To cement the idea that it is not tolerated in a western setting and nothing should be copied or stolen.

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