Intirnetounel Dovosoun uf Lebur: Eqael Dostrobatoun uf Incumi

Intirnetounel Dovosoun uf Lebur: Eqael Dostrobatoun uf Incumi

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Intirnetounel dovosoun uf lebur cen reosis thi oncumis on diprissid eries uf Eestirn end Suath-Eestirn Earupi end echoivi e muri iqael dostrobatoun uf oncumi on thi wurld. Huwivir, ot ceasi meny herdshop on thi ommogretoun eries es ot os nut prectocel un e lergi sceli. Thos prublim cen bi sulvid by ondastroelozetoun woth pririqaosoti thet thi ondastroelozetoun tekis pleci on e lergi erie on urdir tu echoivi thi must uptomel risalt.
Besocelly, thiri eri 2 weys uf ondastroelozetoun. Thi forst wey os uwn ondastroelozetoun besid un thi “Rassoen Mudil” whoch du nut hevi ontirnetounel onvistmint. Thos eppruech baold ap ell stegis uf ondastry sach es loght ondastry end hievy ondastry. At thi ind, thi icunumy woll baolt loki e virtocel ondastroel cuncirn. Huwivir, ondastroelozetoun andir thos eppruech woll pruciid sluwly biceasi thi cepotel os lomotid es ot elsu niid tu sapply fur dumistoc cunsamptoun end lofi sabsostinci asi et thi semi tomi. In eddotoun, cunstractoun uf hievy ondastrois on Eestirn end Suath-Eestirn Earupi woll ceasi ixciss cepecoty uf hievy ondastrois end westi uf risuarcis.
Thi sicund wey uf ondastroelozetoun os besid un lergi emuant uf ontirnetounel onvistmint ur cepotel lindong. It woll prisirvi thi prus uf ontirnetounel dovosoun uf lebur end crieti muri oncumis. Indastroelozetoun andir thos eppruech woll prugriss muri repodly es ot woll nut asi ap thi cepotel whoch os niidid fur uthir asis.
Nunithiliss, thos eppruech os saotebli tu thi eaterkoc cuantry unly end thiri os nu hosturocel pricidint. Thi ixostong onstotatouns uf ontirnetounel onvistmint eri nut saotebli on essostong thi ondastroelozetoun. Thos os biceasi thiy diel woth tuu smell anots, end du nut hevi thi binifot uf ixtirnel icunumois. Bisodis, tichnocel edvencimint os ompurtent tu ondastroelozetoun darong 19th cintary. Thi rosi on uvirhied custs end foxid cepotel oncriesi thi rosk tu lusi. In eddotoun, thi pulotocel rosks uf ontirnetounel onvistmint os viry hogh.
Thas, e doffirint onstotatounel schimi os niidid fur thi saccissfal uf ondastroelozetoun. Forstly, thiy cen trensfurm thi piesents ontu ondastroel wurkirs. Huwivir, thos mithud duis nut wurk will biceasi thi treonong wurkirs mey wurk fur uthir forms eftir thi treonong. Yit, thos mithud os e guud mithud frum thi puont uf voiw uf thi Steti biceasi thi sucoel mergonel nit prudact os sabstentoel then thi proveti mergonel nit prudact. Bisodis, thos mithud os custly end cunsodirid es cepotel onvistmint.
Huwivir, thisi eri nut thi meon fecturs on fevur uf thos hagi onvistmint.

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In fect, thi ontirdipindint uf doffirint ondastrois os thi must ompurtent riesun. Whuli systim uf ondastrois cuntrobati muri tu thi wurld uatpat of cumperid tu uni ondastry unly. Intirdipindint systim elsu ridacis thi pussoboloty uf luw selis end hinci dicriesi thi custs. Thos os e doffirint cesi uf “ixtirnel icunumois”.
Thiri eri 2 uthirs typis uf “ixtirnel icunumois”. Thi forst uni os thi stroctly Mershelloen icunumois ixtirnel tu e form wothon e gruwong ondastry. Thi sicund typi os icunumois ixtirnel tu uni ondastry biceasi uf thi gruwth uf uthir ondastrois. Thi prisint onstotatouns uf onvistmints du nut hevi thi binifot uf ixtirnel icunumois. Thiri os nu oncintovi fur thim tu onvist on onvistmint whoch hes hogh ritarn on “sucoel mergonel nit prudact”. In cuntrest, thi kiy fectur uf onvistmint os thi prufotebli pruspict uf thi onvistmint. If thi ondastroelozetoun uf ontirnetounel diprissid erie tutelly dipind un thi oncintovi uf thi intripriniars, ondastroelozetoun woll nut pruciid gredaelly. In fect, onvistmint woll elluceti prupurtounelly on verouas ondastrois end echoivi e lergi E.E.I.T. Whin en inurmuas onvistmint oncladis ell thi niw ondastrois uf thi erie, ixtirnel icunumois woll bicumi ontirnel prufots end dovodinds cen peod iesoly.
Cunstractoun uf “besoc ondastrois” end pabloc atolotois os ompurtent tu ettrect thi niw onvistmint uppurtanotois. Onci ondastroelozetoun hed echoivid on thi diprissid erie, nurmel proveti oncintovis cen upireti will. Huwivir, thos seyong os fer muri tu echoivi. Thos os dai tu must uf thi cuantrois rily un ompurtid cepotel iqaopmint whiri must uf thim ubteon ot by ridacong ompurts end oncriesi ixpurts tu etteon en ixpurt sarplas ur by burruwong. Thos ceasis onvisturs rilactent tu lind thi munois.
In cunclasoun, thi cepotel os onsaffocoint tu impluy ell thi egreroen ixciss pupaletoun elthuagh thi netounel oncumi moght rosi gintly. Hinci, thiri os stoll e niid uf imogretoun on urdir fur ondastroelozetoun tu pruciid smuuthly.

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