International Criminal Justice Between Soviet Union, Afghanistan, and America

International Criminal Justice Between Soviet Union, Afghanistan, and America

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An analysis of International Aggression: The scope of International Criminal Justice

Through the years, the overt and covert conflicts between the United States and the former Soviet Union was often coined in terms of international aggression. The Soviet invasions of Afghanistan lead to a renewal of Cold War hostility between the Soviet Union and America. Afghanistan made headlines in 1979 as it brought to the forefront, the Cold War sentiments with the continued efforts of then U.S.S.R. to spread communism. Aside from the different conflicts between various countries who were allies of either of these nations, it is important that we note the climate that existed and what grew out of it. In the early days of the Cold War, mistrust was rampant and the aura of suspicion permeated every corner of society. Reflecting back on those times, there are countless instances allegations of espionage and examples of radical citizens partaking in criminal activity to benefit the mother country became prevalent. Two such cases which gained much notoriety included the espionage trial of Alger Hiss as well as the trials of both Julius and wife, Ethel Rosenberg. During this period of unrest there was a vast East vs. West competition, with much tension between alliances.
After WWII the relationship between the U. S. and the U.S.S.R. became known as the “Cold War”. From the Soviets’ point of view, Joseph Stalin saw the world as being divided between capitalists and imperialists on one side and on the other saw the communists and progressives. The U. S standpoint was clear as President Harry Truman stated “We are two opposed systems: one free and the other bent on subjugating other nations” (History CH DVD). The Geneva summit of 1959 wi...

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...entire societies are being sacrificed in the wake of their actions. One has only to scrape the surface lightly to find evidence of the underlying mistrust amongst the key players today and widespread espionage that continues today, fueled by new acts of aggression. Within our own nation we find America on the forefront of undisclosed fraud in government and new revelations of misinformation being shared to fuel rhetoric. How do we move forward as a global society, not to repeat mistakes of the past?


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