The International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Protection of Human Rights in Africa

The International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Protection of Human Rights in Africa

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2 Introduction
This essay will discuss the successes and challenges faced by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in prosecuting human rights violations cases in Africa. The ICC has been recently put under the spotlight by the African Union when it called for non-cooperation by its member states not to comply with the warrant of arrests that had been issued by the ICC against some of the leaders in Africa. This has created difficulties when it comes to prosecution of international crimes. The Court is also facing allegations of being Anti African. This mini dissertation will further look at some of the major cases that have been prosecuted in the ICC against African leaders. Furthermore, this mini dissertation will examine the obligations of states to cooperate with the ICC and the issue of state immunity from prosecution. The African Union has accused the ICC of targeting African leaders and for being inconsistent with how the ICC deals with alleged human rights violations.
2.1 Problem Statement
The non-cooperation and non-compliance of African state parties to arrest and hand over accused individuals to the ICC.
2.2 Aims/ objectives of the study
This mini dissertation aims to assess the effectiveness of the ICC in prosecuting African leaders who have alleged to have committed international crimes. It also aims to analyse the emerging role played by the International Criminal Court in Africa when it comes to prosecuting crimes in the continent. This mini dissertation will examine the successes and challenges that have been encountered by the ICC in prosecuting crimes since 2002. It will also assess the jurisdictional powers of the ICC in successfully prosecuting these crimes, analysing immunity of state officials in ...

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