The International Community Should Address This Issue As An International Obligation, And The Justice Theory

The International Community Should Address This Issue As An International Obligation, And The Justice Theory

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Each day, the United Nations estimates that 21,000 people died from lack of adequate food, therefore, hunger-related causes.1 It happens when people do not have enough food to eat, also, because they are poor. It is the panorama that developing countries citizens around the globe face every day. In countries, such as, the Central African Republic and Chad, nations that rank first and second in the Global Hunger Index. In 2013,2 a study published by the Lancet magazine, found, that approximately 3.1 million children died from causes underlying malnutrition.3 Half of them before their 5th birthday and 165 million infants suffered from a decline in growth because of this.4 The right to an adequate alimentation, protected by the Universal Human Right Declaration, and the justice theory. The International community should address this issue as an international obligation, and not only from a moral frame.

In modern’s times, Policymakers and scholars, believed, that the Food Unsafety in developing countries has been a direct consequence of poverty. And that at the world level has been shaped by the economic system that prevails in the global economy, such as Global Trade Organization (GTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF),5 that has Emerged after the WWII. Since the postwar, the global inequality has grown, creating a disparity between nations, with economic policies that favor industrialized countries over developing ones. Currently, wealthy countries possess the wealth concentration, such as the United States, $18.5 trillion U.S. economy is approximately 24.5% of the gross world product (,6 this type of disparity has created a disbalance of power in global world basis, in particular, poverty.


... middle of paper ... should take a new approach and evaluate the mechanism that has not worked in the last decades. The goal could be reached, by research investment in the area of the global market, agriculture, climate change, developing countries national infrastructure, and socio-cultural of the nations in need. Also, evaluation and modification of the actual global market and its ramifications in the diminution of the growth of nations. Consequently, with the findings, nation-states should implement a new mechanism in response to the outcomes. Such as implementation of environmental regulations to reduce pollution, investment in agriculture (education, infrastructure, etc.), women empowering, population education ( including sexual), modification of the free trade commerce rules, and more important, nation-states must commit with the goal of reducing the global hunger

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