The International Business Strategy And Valuable Business Relationships Essay

The International Business Strategy And Valuable Business Relationships Essay

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The international business have lots of challenge in foreign countries, especially the culture impact. If the company want to success that have to know the different culture well. Culture is a combine of a series of custom, norms and guidelines of specific social groups. It plays an important part as norm, guidance and impetus in the development of different nations and countries. Since the companys of the International business negotiations represent the interests of different countries and regions, with different social and cultural backgrounds and political and economic background, people 's values, and ways of thinking, behavior, language and customs differing, the negotiations are more difficult than in domestic. Different performance reflects different companys arising different values and different ways of thinking from different cultures.In today 's global business environment, developing successful business strategies and valuable business relationships, based on an awareness of these different cultures, is essential for your organization.
The importance of cultural diversity to social, economic, and political agendas is gaining momentum in international discussions and has been recognized in a number of multilateral forums. However, recognition and understanding is at varied levels. For some industrialized countries, trade and the vulnerability of national cultural models in a rules-based environment is the driving force. For other organizations and nations, interest arises from social cohesion, human security and prosperity objectives. For the most part, international discussions have yet o result in concerted action. One thing is clear-the current global environment will require a global approach to cultural diversity ...

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...rns characteristic of the members of a given society is constantly shaped by a set of dynamic variables: language, religion, manners and customs. In some cases, globalization is a face of life; however, cultural differences are still far from converging. An international business needs both factual and interpretive knowledge of culture. To some extent, the factual knowledge can be leaned; its interpretations only through experience.
Each of them the variables discussed in this document influences the course of communications, and can be responsible for conflict or the escalation of conflict when it leads to miscommunication or misinterpretation. A culturally-fluent approach to conflict means working over time to understand these and other ways communication varies across cultures, and applying these understandings in order to enhance relationships across differences.

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