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Krom Bop-A-Lee’s experience in Bombay, India is undoubtedly a common one for those from First World countries unaccustomed to the relatively poor working conditions present in many parts of the world. As Westerners, many luxuries are taken for granted, and the absence of these luxuries can have a profound impact on one’s moral and ethical foundation.
The Problem Within This Situation
It is this impact upon Krom Bop-A-Lee’s psyche which serves as the primary problem in this particular situation. Krom Bop-A-Lee’s company should be proud to have her representing it; too often liaisons on international business trips of this nature are content to accept the overwhelming hospitality of their hosts and choose to ignore the goings-on “behind the scenes”. She should be commended for her dedication and willingness to immerse herself in every level of the organization, even if it means being exposed to what she sees as subpar conditions for those who sew the fabric her company purchases. The central issue at hand, then, is how to alleviate Krom Bop-A-Lee’s concerns and hopefully directly address her ethical quandary she now faces.
There are a number of underlying causes that must be noted before a plan of action can be implemented. The first, and most immediately evident, cause is the environmental disparity which Krom Bop-A-Lee experiences. Even for a Westerner accustomed to modern conveniences, the contrast between the environment in which she is placed upon her arrival in Bombay and the environment in which the seamstresses toil can have a tremendous impact on one’s perception. Here, the contrast is so significant as to cause Krom Bop-A-Lee to see them as distinct, opposite sides of an environmental spectrum. Her relativistic view of ...

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...Despite the firm’s best efforts, Krom Bop-A-Lee still may not accept the current conditions in Bombay on ethical grounds and may be inclined to resign. This is a necessary risk, provided the company does everything it can in both Krom Bop-A-Lee’s interests and its own best demonstrate the economic realities in developing nations such as India. Additionally, concerns voiced by employees such as Krom Bop-A-Lee should never be completely ignored. Despite the firm’s best efforts, situations can arise without adequate managerial oversight.
By implementing these two strategies, the company can go a long way in alleviating individual concerns regarding working conditions in developing nations, and demonstrate a commitment to fostering a better understanding among its employees of the realities of business in the Third World. Krom Bop-A-Lee knows this, and so should you.

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